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Gay Guys Talk Dirty: 8 Tips to Turn the Heat Up with Words

Gay Guys Talk Dirty: 8 Tips to Turn the Heat Up with Words

If you're looking for a way to spice things up with that guy you like, you're about to get the best tips to turn him on using your mouth, and no, we're not talking about blowing his mind (his pole) but using your mouth to speak some dirty, dirty words.

We usually see people talking dirty in movies and tv, and it all seems to come out so natural that it feels like pure fiction (and it is), but in real life, you can get your man's engine going by using your words or texting with your smartphone too. 

Dirty Talk for Beginners

Many people think that if they want to get the guy they like worked up, they need to send a nude picture ASAP via SMS, and that's not true at all, let's be honest, if a man wants to see a naked picture, he will watch porn, that's what the internet is for, right? In reality, men like hearing and seeing suggestive messages because, in this way, we can create a picture in our minds and get some ideas; if you go straight and send that nude in the first minute, you’ll leave nothing to the imagination, and he might lose interest.

The key to dirty talk is that the parts involved are in the right mindset, so you'll need to trust your intuition and read the room (or the moment) to know if the time is right and the mood has been set.

Dirty Talk for Beginners

8 Steps for Dirty Talking to Your Man

Alright, maybe you want to do this, perhaps the sole idea of talking dirty with your guy is making you so hard you need to get out of your clothes right at that moment, but dirty talking loses all its charm when only one of the parts is invested in it. So here we share with you a series of tips you can use to get his balls in your hands; I mean, the ball on your side of the court (sorry, I'm not a sports fan, but I wanted to use a metaphor with balls included). 

1. Focus your attention on his appearance.

It's true; we guys are naturally visual creatures. That's why you need to start by focusing on how sexy he is. Try to do it in a way that sounds genuine and honest, mentioning the things you like about him.

What can you say?:

"Sometimes I get jealous whenever you enter a room, and all eyes are on you and your sexy body... I don't know if I want to be you, or on you."

"I hate it when you leave, but I love to see your sexy ass walking away."

This flattery can get you far, as far as you want to go.

Let him know how much he turns you on.

2. Let him know how much he turns you on.

Let's face it, it's true, he turns you on, that's why you're doing this, so the next step is him figuring this out with a bit of help from your mouth, tongue, or fingers (again, I'm just talking about talking).

What can you say?:

"It always amazes me how you don't need to do anything, just you being there in the same room with me, and it's like my crotch wants to take over my body."

"You know what I think when I touch myself at night?" It's not Chris Evans or Henry Cavil... you're even hotter than the idea of a threesome with those two."

If you boost his ego just enough, you'll get him in the right mood.

3. Tell him what you want to do to him.

After flattering him and boosting his ego, tell him what you want to do to his hot-ass body. Guys like to be worshiped, it's true, and you know it. Be descriptive or mysterious, follow your gut, but try to paint a picture in his mind about your intentions.

What can you say?:

"Let me do all the work, just lay down and relax while I do the rest... I want to serve you in every possible way."

"I want you to stand still like a statue while I lick your body like a giant popsicle."

If you do this right, you'll be speaking to his most primal parts.

4. Talk about what you're wearing... or not wearing.

Yeah, questioning "What are you wearing?" might sound like a pervy clishé, but if it helps you build that mental image, go ahead and describe your clothing or lack of it.

What can you say?:

"It's so hot today. I've been at my place wearing nothing but a jockstrap all day!"

"Thinking about you right now might be a little dangerous; I'm freeballing under my gym shorts."

Describing your clothing might give him ideas of how he can get you naked.


5. Send a dirty or suggestive image

After you've set the mood, you both are in the right mindset, and you've created some pictures in his mind; now is the time to send a suggestive or dirty picture to reinforce those ideas you're planting on his head: this is like inception... sexinception.

Send him a picture of the jockstrap you just removed or a glimpse at your bulge under your gym shorts... I bet you know how to do it. Just keep in mind maybe not to send a picture you don't want floating around on the internet afterward.

6. Talk about his pictures

Maybe after you send a picture, he'll send one just as hot, and an exchange of steamy photos might begin. Don't let it become a simple exchange like you're trading Pokémon cards! Take this opportunity to turn him on even more by commenting on what you see, what you like, and what you want to do with it. Keep feeding that desire and imagination.

7. Have fun!

The most important part is remembering you're doing this for fun, so don't take it too seriously. Laugh a little bit and throw in a couple of giggles, be playful, this is just foreplay, and foreplay is the best when it's fun.

Talk dirty to him

8. Talk dirty to him

If you want your guy to talk dirty to you, you need to be direct because it might never happen otherwise. I'm not saying you should tell him "talk dirty to me"; you need to actually talk dirty to him first and set the mood for that conversation.

Now you've followed these tips; you're on your way for a steamy chat with your guy. If you still feel like you need a little help, here's a list of starters so you can break the ice... and you'll actually melt that ice with these hot ideas.

  1. I'm touching myself right now. Want to guide me?
  2. Meet me in the alley – I want to put my hand inside your pants.
  3. Let's role play, and I'll be whatever you need me to be.
  4. I'm just here to be used by you.
  5. Would you let me lick your ears and whisper your name softly?
  6. I've been very bad. I think you need to punish me.
  7. I had a wet dream last night, and you caused it. Do you want to hear about it?
  8. My button is unfastened – should I leave it open?
  9. I've been giving your body a long, hard look in my mind all day.
  10. I'd like to suck on that banana daiquiri from your straw. Are you down?
  11. I won't stop blowing you – unless you make me stop.
  12. I keep thinking of rubbing my hands all over your hairy chest.
  13. I think I need a creamy facial – you down?
  14. I've never sat on a guy's face – will you be my first?
  15. My horoscope said for me to be submissive today.
  16. Your body is so freaking hot. I just want to lick you all over!
  17. When I come over tonight, I won't be wearing any underwear. That OK?
  18. There's something about your man-scent that drives me nuts!
  19. My inner animal comes out whenever I'm around you!
  20. I just want to explode down there when I think of you.
  21. I've got a secret treat hidden in my underwear. It's up to you to find it.
  22. How many licks does it take to get to the center of your tootsie-pop?
  23. When I see you in a pair of blue jeans, I get all worked up.
  24. What's the best time of day to sit on you?
  25. I'd like to be in the middle of your sandwich.

Gay Guys Talk Dirty

Choose the one that better suits your style or the one that sets a topic you're interested in talking about with your guy. You can add your personality to the phrase; remember that being authentic and fun is what will really make this work for you. 

Now you're ready, text that guy and get his engine going with just a few words; you and he will love it!

8 Tips to Turn the Heat Up with Words

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