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Newbie's Guide to Condoms

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At this point, it should probably be obvious to any consenting adult that if you're feeling spunky, you'd better wrap your monkey. We'll save you all of the gruesome STI stats and just assume that if you're reading this, you probably already know the importance of safe sex. It would also be safe to assume that you are looking for a little more information about condoms than you likely received in your sex-ed classes in school.

Condoms are a thing we sort of take for granted. We tend not to think too much about them, and few people are connoisseurs of our little rubber buddies. However, there is a startling degree of variation between the different  condoms available and finding the perfect condom for you can be a surprisingly rewarding endeavor.

If you just pop down to the local convenience store when you find that you suddenly need some dong armor, you will find that you are at the mercy of their selection and will have to settle for something that may not be as comfortable and pleasurable as it could be if you'd taken the time to stock up ahead of the big event. You'll end up just grabbing any old box of rubbers and calling it good. You'd be cheating yourself.

One of the advantages of buying condoms online, aside from the anonymity, is the fact that you can really shop around and get the condoms you want, not just the condoms you need in the moment. If you're not used to being a discerning condom buyer, there are some things you might not realize you should consider when making your choice.

This guide should give you all of the info you need to make an informed choice about which condoms are best for you by informing you about all of the types of condoms out there, which needs you should consider, and offer suggestions as to which condoms can meet those needs.

Things To Consider

There are different condoms for different needs. The trick is figuring out what those needs are and how to meet them. Here are the things you should consider when you are picking out condoms.


This is a consideration that shouldn't be taken lightly. If you buy a condom that is too tight for your little soldier, there's a drastically increased chance that the condom could break. Beyond that, a condom that is too short won't offer the degree of coverage required to properly protect your pecker.

If your condom is too big, there is a very good chance that it could slip off during sex. Not only is this dangerous but also incredibly inconvenient. Anyone who's ever had to go on a spelunking expedition in search of lost Trojan treasure knows exactly what we mean!

Being honest with yourself is important here. Sure, we'd all like to rock a Magnum like Dirty Harry but, if we're being honest, most of us should probably just stick to the standard size or smaller, if that's what we need.

Allergies And Sensitivities

Latex allergies/sensitivity are surprisingly common problems that affect between one and six percent of the population. Latex allergies often develop slowly over time through contact with latex. In fact, healthcare workers, due to their near-constant exposure to latex gloves, experience allergies to latex at an increased rate of six to twelve percent.

Strangely, people who suffer from certain food allergies are also at increased risk of developing an allergy to latex. If you are allergic to avocado, banana, kiwi, passion fruit, chestnuts, bell pepper, or potato, you might want to consider using a non-latex condom to avoid developing an allergy or aggravating an existing allergy to latex.


Condoms can do more than keep your sexy time safe, they can also enhance it! Condom manufacturers have created all sorts of textures to add a little extra tingling to your saucy mingling. You can find all sorts of condoms with various textures including the old familiar designs like studded or ribbed, but there are other  more unusual textures out there like these condoms from LifeStyles that feature a unique "snakeskin" texture.

While it may seem like a little thing, these textured condoms can add a new and unexpected dimension of pleasure you just don't get with your standard jimmy hat.


We get it, raw dog just feels better but, ahem, in the end, the sensation you lose is worth the safety you gain. Luckily, savvy condom manufacturers have realized that the problem of decreased sensitivity is a major concern for users of their products and have developed condoms designed to have as little impact on your pleasure as possible while staying remaining effective barriers to STI's.

Nowadays, you can find condoms in a range of thicknesses to chose from moving through thin, ultra-thin, and practically intangible. If you're the type of guy who hates having to wear a condom because they interfere with the sensation, you'll probably want to consider looking into condoms made to be as unintrusive as possible.


Having sex is pretty much how adults play. Who doesn't like a new toy from time to time? Every now and then, it can be fun to find something to change things up and add a little something different to the games.

If you're looking to add a little whimsy to your sexy wrestling, why not try out a novelty condom? If that sounds like something that's up your alley, you might want to consider picking up something slightly silly, like flavored condoms or condoms that glow in the dark.

Nobody ever said that safe sex has to be boring, why not add a little extra flavor to the fun, literally?

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Ultimately, the best way to find the right condom for you is a matter of trying them out and seeing what feels best. It's kind of like buying shoes. You can just grab the first pair of shoes off the shelf that fits and hope for the best, or you can try a few pairs on and get exactly what you're looking for.

A great way to experiment is to get a new type of condom and use it during solo play. If you have a good male masturbator on hand, you can pretty much recreate the conditions of actual intercourse well enough to decide whether the condom you are using is up to snuff. This also gives you the opportunity to really focus on the condom without the distraction of paying attention to the sexual needs of another person- It's just you, your friend Jimmy, and his little hat. Listen to Jimmy, he knows what he likes!

Pro-Tip: Pick up a variety pack with different styles of condoms to easily experiment with the different types and get a feel for what works for you.

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