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Cock Ring Guide for Gay Men

gay guys guide cock rings

Cock rings are easily the most accessible, easy to use, and non-threatening sex toys out there...

Not only do they look great, but they also have some physical benefits you might not be aware of. In fact, cock rings sort of straddle the line between sex toy and sexual health aid. For such a simple device, they sure pack a lot of punch. So, why should you use a cock ring? Let's have a look!

A cock ring is an item that can both serve as a sex toy as well as a sexual health aid. As a sex toy, the cock ring can be used to restrict blood flow from flowing out of the penis while erect. Once worn, a cock ring will help keep longer lasting, harder erections. Additionally it may help with cases of erectile dysfunction which is a great sexual health benefit of these nifty little things.

By restricting blood within the penis for a temporary period of time, it is not unusual to experience penis "growth", however this will only be temporary.

Stronger, Firmer Erections

cock rings 101

This is pretty much the big ticket draw of cock rings. By allowing blood to flow into the penis but not back out, a cock ring allows the blood to build up in the penile tissue causing it to swell beyond the normal capacity. 

In short, cock rings can make your erections feel harder, last longer, and even can give a slight temporary boost to your penis size. I can't think of many guys who'd turn those things down!

Increased Sensation

increased sensation with cock rings

The drastic increase in the amount of blood present in your penile tissues also means an increase in oxygen, as well. This has the effect of super-charging your nerves and leads to an increase in physical sensation. Which is to say, cock rings make the pleasure feel more pleasurable and the pain more electric, if that's your thing. The increased blood flow and oxygenation has other less sexy benefits that are still important to consider...

Erectile Health

erectile health

All of that extra blood and oxygen being present in your penis has a practical benefit beyond increased stamina and firmer erections. It can actually promote erectile health in general by opening up the blood vessels and allowing oxygen to reach places that might otherwise have been deprived. This all adds up to an overall gain in erectile function as well as general penile health.

Confidence Boost

men confidence boost

If you're sporting bigger harder wood, you're definitely going to feel a little more confident than usual. This increased confidence will definitely add to the overall energy of a good fuck session and is bound to add up to overall hotter sex for you and your partner.

They Just Feel Good

cock rings feel good

There is a certain feeling that comes with wearing a cockring that can't be denied. The increased tightness in your junk, as well as the way the ring massages the base of your cock as your skin moves, are definitely big plusses for the guy wearing the ring. But there are also tactile benefits for the guy on the receiving end of a ringed cock.

Obviously, the harder, larger cock is going to feel pretty damn good for the bottom, but beyond that, a ring worn around both the cock and balls has the effect of bundling your total package together and adds a delightful springiness to your balls.

That means that while you're pounding away at your partner, they get to experience the increased sensation of those balls slapping against their back door. I don't know about you, but that's one of my favorite things about being taken from behind.

Now that we've covered the basic "whys" of cock rings, let's get to the, *ahem*, meat of the matter.

The Best Cock Ring?

There are 4 types of cock rings available for you to try, adjustable cock rings, O rings, vibrating cock rings, and non-stretchy, firm cock rings. Let's take a closer look at each of these and see what they have to offer.

Adjustable cock rings:

Adjustable cock rings are the perfect way for beginners to find their bearings in the world of cock rings. Since they are adjustable, they are ideal for nailing down exactly what size cock ring works for you best.

This is not to say that adjustable cock rings are strictly for beginners. A lot of guys like the ability to control the amount of blood flow restriction on a case by case basis and adjustable cock rings are really the only way to achieve that.

Speed Shift 17 Adjustments Cock Ring

I would recommend the Speed Shift 17 Adjustments Cock Ring because it sports 17 different levels of adjustment and offers the highest degree of customization, so you'll always be able to find the level that's right for you.

O Rings:

O rings are those thick, stretchy rings you may have seen in sex shops. They are made from a variety of pliable materials such as rubber, silicone, or nitrile. These are another very beginner-friendly choice because they are extremely easy to use, comfortable, and inexpensive. They are a good no-risk option for guys who aren't ready to fully commit to the idea of cock rings without a little experimentation first. I find they are especially convenient for placing over the shaft and balls because their stretchy design makes this style totally hassle-free.

Tantus 1.5" Supersoft C Ring

The Tantus 1.5" Supersoft C Ring is a great O ring all around and comes highly recommended by yours truly for its supple pliability, ease of use, and wallet-friendly price.

Vibrating cock rings:

Buzz. Buzz. Vibrating cock rings are exactly as advertised. They are cock rings that have a vibration function. They come in both adjustable and O ring and are a great way of adding an extra layer of sensation to your slap and tickle sessions.

These babies feel great when you wear them because they stimulate the balls and shaft and, because cockrings increase physical sensation, the vibrating sensation is positively electric. It feels awesome for your partner, as well. I can't think of many bottoms who wouldn't want a vibration function on their partner's dong! I certainly do!

Sir Richards Elements Cockring

I really like the Sir Richards Elements Cock Ring because it's one of the most well thought out vibrating rings I've been able to find. It's comfortable, the vibe is strong, and has good battery life.

Non-stretchy, firm cock rings: 

These are rings that are made from hard, non-pliable materials such as hard plastic, wood and, most commonly, metal.

Stainless Steel Cock Rings - 3 Sizes

Firm cock rings are, to me, the most visually striking type of ring. There's an air of rugged masculinity that comes with a shiny metal ring around a nice throbbing cock that just really turns my crank.

These rings perform just like any other cock ring but differ in that the harder materials tend to have a little more weight to them which adds to their presence. I think metal cock rings are probably the most confidence-boosting ring you could choose because they look so damn hot and remind you that you're wearing them.

The smooth metal also makes them very easy to put on with a bit of lube and the added weight keeps them from slipping around too much.

How to Use a Cock Ring

how to use a cock ring

Using a cock ring is really quite easy. There are a few general guidelines to follow like getting semi-erect before applying and, of course, using some lube to ease the process.

Here's the basic rundown of what you need to do:

  1. If the cock ring is pliable, stretch the cock ring with your index fingers in order to make it easier to put on. In the mean time, try getting semi-erect, as that makes putting the cock ring on much easier. Simply use your fingers to spread the ring out and apply.
  2. With firmer rings, just apply a little lube and slide it gently down your shaft to the desired position. If you are placing the ring over both your cock and balls, individually slip each ball through and tuck the penis through the ring above them and adjust to your liking.
  3. Adjustable rings couldn't be easier. Place the open ring under your shaft or shaft and balls and adjust to your liking.
  4. If the cock ring is tight, use some water-based lubricant (any will do just fine for this activity), this will help to slide the cock ring on and get it to the base.
  5. Try placing the cock ring around the scrotum and the base of your shaft. Alternatively you can place it wherever you feel comfortable, there are no restrictions. However, a cock ring functions to its greatest capabilities when used around the scrotum to restrict blood flow from leaving the penis.
  6. If your cock ring vibrates, try placing it in different positions around your scrotum to feel extra sensations!

Cock rings are generally very safe to use but it's still important to know your limits. A good rule of thumb is to not wear your cock ring for more than 30-45 minutes at a time. For beginners, it's recommended that you work your way up to longer periods of time by starting at ten minutes and moving forward as you get more comfortable with your ring.

If you ever start to feel numbness or discomfort while wearing your ring, remove it immediately. Better safe than sorry. I mean, we're talking about our junk here, amirite, guys?

Don't be afraid to try something new and most importantly always clean your toys right after use...to be ready for the next round, duh! *

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