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Playing With The Male P-Spot: 10 Tips for Beginners

Playing With The Male P-Spot: 10 Tips for Beginners

Everyone has heard of the G-spot: an almost mystical catacomb within a woman’s body that erupts with sheer orgasmic pleasure whenever it is satisfied. That’s all fine and great for the ladies, but what about us bros? There’s little talk or references made of the male G-spot, or P-spot, named after our own orgasm-inducing-when-properly-stimulated organ, the prostrate. What is this uncharted territory hidden deep within a man’s ass? 

How do we go about exploring this region to fully understand what it means to p-spot orgasm?

You don’t have to wonder any longer. The illusive anal orgasm doesn’t have to simply a myth in your world. Buried within you is a love button that can cause you to have an orgasm 10 times more intense than the ones you have previously known. All men have a prostate gland, and yours, too, can be touched, prodded, and massaged into orgasmic delight like you have never known.

New to the wonderful world of p-spot and prostate adoration and stimulation? For those of you on the beginning spectrum of anal play, but very interested in learning how and what to do, you just need a little bit of guidance to guarantee you’re going to have a good time getting sexual pleasure in the near future. 

Whether during masturbation or as part of your foreplay, prostate stimulation is an incredibly safe, sexy, fun activity to add to your bedroom antics.  For your anal entertainment and improved orgasms, here are 10 tips on playing with and stimulating the p-spot.

prostate play

1. Get yourself into the mood

If you have never had an anal orgasm via the p-spot, you’re missing out. So make it as pleasurable of an experience for yourself as possible. Light a few candles, take a hot, long, relaxing bath, put on some sexy music, put on some naughty porn, and really get yourself ready to explore a new part of your sexuality. You’ll be getting in touch with your body in ways you never knew possible. 

The male g-spot is yours to explore. It only gets better from here. Once you feel calm, ready, and turned on, it’s time to begin the process of achieving orgasm from the p-spot.

karma sutra candle gay sex

Kama Sutra Ignite Massage Candle

2. Take your time and warm up.

Inserting anything into your ass for the first time can feel really good, you just need to be patient with yourself and your body. 

Go slowly at first, using fingers or toys like the beginner silicone NS Novelties Renegade Spade Butt Plug. It’s small enough and perfect for introducing yourself to the world of anal orgasms. It is aeronautically designed to hit you where it counts on the inside and massage your p-spot. 

gay butt plug

NS Novelties Renegade Spade Small Butt Plug

3. Be prepared. 

Nobody likes a shitty situation, so plan ahead before p-spot stimulation play by cleaning out your ass before you go in deep. You can buy enemas at any sex shop, but we recommend the Perfect Fit Ergoflo Impulse Anal Douche. It’s small, light weight, perfect for travel, and has a narrow injector tube for those who are still new to anal play. It’s also the perfect amount of water to give your insides a proper cleaning out. 

Fill the anal douche with water, then, using lubricant, insert it into your rectum before squeezing the bulb and filling your anus with water. Release into the toilet. And voila, you’re cleaned out and ready to find that prostate. There are a variety of enemas in different shapes and sizes, so go with the one that you think will work the best for you.

anal douche

Ergoflo Impulse Anal Douche

4. Lube it up

Your booty is not a part of your body that self-lubricates, and anal tissue can tear very easily. While you’re taking your time, be sure to use a good amount of lube to avoid tearing, which can lead to unwanted pains and discomforts. Water based is the way to go, as many people are allergic to silicone and this chemical can hurt the effectiveness of condoms. Pjur specializes in anal lubricants, and are bestsellers here at Adam’s Toy Box. Designed for beginner anal players, Pjur Back-Door Comfort Water-Based lubricant provides the right amount of smoothness without discomfort.

pjur backdoor lube

Back Door Comfort Water Anal Glide

5. Start with a finger and work your way up from there 

Your digits happen to be the perfect size for inserting into an anus. Lucky us! Make sure your nails are cleaned up and free of jagged edges. Then, lube up a finger and go to town on yourself by slowly inserting any of your fingers one by one. The pinky makes a great starter while the thumb gives it that curve some guys like. 

Others prefer the length of the middle and ring finger. The index finger will most likely be your go-to as it has the most dexterity and flexibility. Feeling adventures? Try a second finger to increase the girth of your insertion. Just be gentle with yourself.

gay prostate play p spot

6. Bring a friend

Having an extra hand from a much easier access angle is always a nice thing. Why not spice up your sex life with a partner who is willing and wanting to help you achieve orgasm through your p-spot. Find someone you are comfortable with, and let them help you explore your back side in order to find your spot. Reaching around back there isn’t always easy. 

But with a buddy or partner, it’s sexier. Communication upfront is key, so be honest and clear about what you and your partner are comfortable with doing. Speak up when something is pleasuring you and don’t be afraid to admit when it is not.

gay anal beads nexus

Nexus Excite Silicone Anal Beads

7. Go small before going for gold

As mentioned before, your ass has sensitive thin tissue lining the inside of your rectum that you want to take care not to tear. Start out with a finger or two before moving on to toys that are specifically designed for p-spot play. Your ass hole will stretch out, but your muscles need to expand in order for this to happen without hurting yourself. 

Ease your ass into bigger items when you feel more comfortable doing so. However, you don’t necessarily need to insert larger toys in order to have a better p-spot orgasm. Bigger isn’t always better in terms of getting the p-spot off. 

As they say, “It's not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.” Sometimes, smaller toys that are better designed provide a more intense sensation than their larger counterparts.

8. You need to know where to go

The p-spot is not exactly some hard to find, mythical creature. It’s right there, almost as soon as you enter the anal cavity. Google basic male anatomy to get a visual diagram idea of where the prostate is located within your own body. This will help you to be able to locate the prostate on your own. Your prostate is inside your butt hole only a few inches past the opening. 

About 3/4 the length of your index finger from the entrance to your ass, the p-spot is a large nut-shaped organ that can be massaged from within your rectum or outside your body in the taint area between your nut sack and butt hole. Both can be stimulated at the same time, too, for maximum enjoyment. 

The more turned on you are, the harder the prostate grows, and it will be thick and hard when getting stimulated.

aneros trident

Aneros Trident Series Prostate Stimulator

9. Invest in some good gear

That doesn’t mean you have to go spend hundreds of dollars in toys, but it is a good idea to invest in some solid sex aids.  For beginners, Aneros makes incredible prostate massagers and the MGX Syn Trident is a perfect starting point for the novice in p-spot enjoyment. For a larger size, try the Malesation Discovery for a deeper prostate massage and stimulation. Dr. Joel Kaplan’s silicone prostate locator is a simple, basic, but very effective tool in helping locate and correctively massage your p-spot.

gay anal toys for prostate massage

Malesation Discovery

10. Expand your toy chest

G-spot and anal stimulators aren’t the only toys that help you each the p-spot orgasm. Butt plugs, dildos, anal beads, and other toys added to your arsenal may help you expand into different types of anal orgasms through the p-spot. If you want to kick it up a notch and add some vibration sensation to your p-spot orgasm, try the Aneros Male Prostate Stimulator Progasm, Jr. This little p-spot delight takes you to new orgasmic levels with its multi-functionality and curved design. Doc Johnson Novelties makes a dildo especially for anal play: the Crystal Jellies Anal Delight 6” Anal Dildo. For advanced users, try some anal beads. Adam’s Toy Box recommends a great set perfect for guys wanting to be filled with p-spot pleasure, The Nexus Excite Silicone Beads set.

aneros prostate toy

Aneros Male Prostate Stimulator

Relax, breathe, and keep an open mind as you explore this new world of self pleasure. The p-spot may have eluded you before, but with a little patience and practice, you’ll soon be glad its an anal enjoyment adventure you embarked on.

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