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Quarantine & Gays: 37 Ideas to Keep You Occupied

Quarantine & Gays: 37 Ideas to Keep You Occupied

With the pandemic going on, you’re likely in isolation. With or without your significant other, it’s a trying time for anyone. After days and days of isolation, you’re not likely a romantic genius right now. Maybe you’re stressed out or maybe you just aren’t thinking of wooing your man during all of this. If you were thinking of a date, it’s probably Netflix and chill - that is, if you haven’t already watched everything!

Let’s get real, this shit is boring, so why not spice things up with your man? It’s doesn’t take a creative genius to turn complete privacy into something romantic. But, not everyone has an uber-romantic gene, no judgment.

Quarantine & Gays

Make an effort to keep the spark alive even if you’re apart. There are so many things you can do that don’t involve getting within 6 feet of strangers or even going outside. So, stay inside and take things to the wild side during the Coronavirus. It’s the perfect time to intimately explore with your partner.

If you’re stuck, I’ve got a bunch of ways to make things a little more interesting. I’ve broken it out into two key sections: quarantining together and making isolation intimate with your partner.

When quarantining together:

At first, you were probably all over each other, but now you’re likely facing your second round of social distancing. It can be tough trying to stay romantic with the constant updates from around the globe. Don’t let the distraction be enough to squash your intimate connection. Now you’ve got all the time in the world, use at least some of it together.

I’ve gathered a list of several things you and you man can do if you’re quarantined together.

Quarantined Gay Couples

Starting with the obvious, get intimate, more often. You’ve got all the time in the world. Did Bae just have a stressful conference call? Well, help him relax with a well-timed BJ

  1. Learn the dance to your favorite song. Whether it’s a K-Pop anthem with distinct choreography or the latest TikTok. Make some mistakes and laugh it off, a little giggling is sure to ensue with the right banter.
  2. Watch porn together… For the plot. No, seriously, explore some fantasies, jerk off together or more. 
  3. Work out together. At home workouts don’t have to be bland, spice them up with cute things like kiss-crunches.
  4. Save water, shower together. Things can get a little steamy in the shower, only now there’s no rushing into the office.
  5. Learn how to give each other erotic massages. You could take complete control, tie him up to rub him down or be a little less kinky, no judgment.
  6. Strip board game night. This is some of the most fun you can have in quarantine. Things start off silly but can get sexual very fast. Turn your favorite board game into your foreplay, tonight.
  7. Bake together, or cook, no one’s keeping tabs. Making food together has a way of bringing people closer, whether it’s opening up about the history of the recipe or surfacing childhood memories.
  8. Play catch, and for once I’m not being sexual! Get some fresh air in and toss a ball around, being outside is still okay in most places
  9. Stargaze together, from a lookout spot or your backyard, this can be the cutest date night. Download an app like NightSky and learn about the stars you see, it can be cool to see your birth sign in the stars.
  10. Be silly, build a pillow fort. Make it the most epic one you can, I recommend having a mini-fridge and laptop to take it to the next level. 
  11. Camp in your backyard. Sometimes, nothing is cuter than a staycation. It might be just the escape you two need to forget the chaos around you and feel connected.
  12. Surprise your man with breakfast in bed. You could try finding a recipe for his favorite breakfast online or cook your specialty, just try not to wake him until the food’s ready for the ultimate surprise.
  13. Have a picnic in the living room. If you can manage to get groceries in all of this, make a cute spread, sit on a blanket, and hold hands. 
  14. It’s basically 5 o’clock all the time, so why not try a new cocktail. Explore a traditional drink from your family’s heritage or a Michelada to keep it casual.
  15. Facetime karaoke with your friends or just the two of you. There are a ton of apps out there and it’ll be fun to just be a little light-hearted.
  16. Play Never Have I Ever and get to know each other a little more. You might find out something about your partner that you never knew before.
  17. Have a fancy stay-at-home wine tasting. Do your research and learn about the different profiles and see if you can taste the unique notes in each wine.
  18. Facetime with your in-laws, you’ve got the ultimate excuse not to visit, but it’ll make them happy to see how well you’re taking care of their son during all of this.
  19. Test out each other’s artistic skills and paint or sketch each other nude. I can’t be the only one who stares at their man, so why not make it an activity!
  20. Explore a new sexual fantasy. With all the time in the world and so many different sexual things to explore, why not try something new during social isolation. 
  21. Already explored your fantasies? Well, why not record it? Making a sex tape isn’t only for the desperate to be famous, it can be super hot material for your both to jerk off to later.
  22. Make a couple’s time capsule with all your favorite photos and love letters. Put it some special memorabilia and tuck it away for an adorable moment later in your relationship.
  23. Listen to ghost stories or a murder-mystery podcast. There are seriously a ton out there, check them out on your favorite streaming platform like the radio shows gone by.

If you’re quarantined apart:

As time drags on you only begin to feel further and further apart. How do you cope through this whole mess when you’re not with your boo. For whatever reason, you two have to quarantine apart and that sucks. You can make the most of it though because we have a lot of technology at our disposal to keep us all connected.

quarantined apart

Quarantining alone definitely doesn’t have to be a solo experience, as strange as that might sound. Try out some of these ideas below!

  1. Set up a facetime dinner date. Make a cute recipe together, but in your separate kitchens and enjoy a home-cooked meal that you both made together. There are a ton of easy pantry recipes out there.
  2. Sext, sext, and more sexts! Seriously, keep him engaged and all riled up. It’s a huge turn on for most guys to know they’re being thought of sexually, and honestly, it’s just hot as hell to be sexting with your man.
  3. While you’re at it, facetime with your own private cam boy. No tips or tokens needed, just FaceTime or video chat after a good sexting ‘sesh’ and enjoy the show! You honestly won’t be able to stop if this is your first time trying FaceTime masturbation - it’s hot as fuck.
  4. You can still stargaze together, so download that app and romantically stare at the night sky no matter how far apart you are. You can even try to point things out to each other if you aren’t on opposite sides of the world.
  5. Plan a dream getaway. I mean, for when those are actually possible again. Whether you ‘chance’ booking travel or not right now is up to you, but even just thinking of the places in the world where you want to go with your boo can be very romantic.
  6. Download a classic board game as an app. Scrabble, Monopoly, Connect Four, and so many more games from your childhood are in the app store. So, why not enjoy some nostalgia together and play one of the classics, maybe even enjoy some wine together!
  7. Learn a little more about each other, whether it’s favorite colors or your astrological birth charts. It can be a lot of fun and a good laugh when you start diving into these personality types.
  8. Play FaceTime beer pong, it’s a riot, seriously! Set up the cups like you normally would and turn up the volume so you can hear each other and you’re off. All of the same rules apply, only you’re playing in a different house.
  9. Try NetFlix Party on Chrome. It’s a browser extension that gives you a group chat and synchronizes video playtime across multiple devices. Meaning you can both watch Tiger King with your friends and absolutely die over the hilarity. Honestly, Watching Tiger King should be its own bullet point.
  10. Ever heard of the 36 questions the lead to love? Well ask away over FaceTime and get to know your cutie. Who knows? Maybe you’ll fall even deeper in love. It can be a great way to spend the afternoon giggling with your boo.
  11. Buy a long-distance sex toy and get intimate with each other in a new way. Control his stroker or prostate massager and get him off even if he’s thousands of miles away. Plus, you can connect some of them to porn and get really unique sexual experiences.
  12. Find your love language online. You can compare them together and grow closer in understanding of each other. It can be really insightful and help you figure out more of your wants and needs in the relationship.
  13. Write adorable love letters to each other. You can even send them to each other and print them off. You could recite them over video and really send the romance home. However you share these are sure to be romantic.
37 Ideas to Keep You Occupied

Quarantine can feel like a nightmare, and, quite frankly, it is. The world is in chaos, but you can stay connected with your man through thick and thin. I hope these ideas help cure some of the social distancing boredom for you both!

37 Ideas to Keep Gay Couples Occupied

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