Using Vaseline As Lubricant

Using Vaseline as Lubricant

So you met the guy of your wildest fantasy...its 3 A.M., the clubs have just closed, and you are heading to your place for what you hope will be an all-out fuck session. Maybe you plan on flipping, or just being that power-bottom you always fantasized about. Your cock is solid as a rock, but as things swing into action, you realize you may have a catastrophic problem! You have run out of lube. You rush frantically to find an alternative, and stumble upon a jar of vaseline in your medicine cabinet...

Is it safe? Can you use vaseline for anal sex & masturbation?

What is vaseline?

It would be best to start by describing what Vaseline is. Vaseline is usually 100% pure petroleum jelly - basically it's a blend of oils and waxes. In other words, it's 100% oil-based. That means that if used as lubricant for anal sex, it will disintegrate condoms which can cause breakage. This increases the risk of STDs if you are not on Prep, or with a monogamous partner.

Additionally, although it's a great moisturizer, it was never created to act as a lubricant. Vaseline was designed for external use, not internal anal use.

Can You Use Vaseline As Anal Lubricant?

It's important to keep in mind that you should never use an oil-based lube (like vaseline) for anal sex when using a condom. As previously mentioned, it can break down the latex material found in condoms and more often than not it will cause it to break. If this is not a concern for you because you are on Prep, there are a whole host of other reasons why vaseline should be your last choice as a sexual lubricant.

Let's consider some of the reasons why you should avoid vaseline during anal play...

don't use vaseline as lube

The Cons Of Using Vaseline As An Anal Lubricant

There are many reasons to why one should not use vaseline as an anal lubricant, but the following should be kept in mind if you are considering using it or have used it in the past:

1. It may increase the risk of contracting an sexually transmitted infection.

Vaseline, being oil-based, has the ability to attract a lot of bacteria that is found in the anal cavity, thus increasing the risk of bacterial infection. Unlike oil-based lubes specifically designed for anal sex, vaseline lacks the correct viscosity (or thickness), for smooth lubrication. 

If not cleaned out well enough (and "I got almost all of it off" will not suffice here), then being that it tends to harbour bacteria and is extremely hard to wash off completely, you are risking leaving the bacteria collect thereby increasing the risk of contracting an infection. This is not something you want to take home with you after a steamy hookup!

Simply put, if you are looking for an oil-based lube, there are plenty of better options out there that provide the same longevity of vaseline, without the added downsides due to its heavy texture. Take a look at our collection of oil-based lubes, or consider some of our recommendations below.

2. It's thick, sticky, gummy and icky.

Sure, you could imagine that vaseline would be a great lube since it's thick and creamy, and it will just "stick in the anus and stay there". Nope. Oh it will definitely stay there, but because there is no thinning agent, vaseline is not slippery enough and thus it will just be sticky, gummy and icky.

It's also very clumpy, so once you stick your rod in the hole it tends to bunch up and it just fails miserably. While it might provide lubrication in certain spots, other areas of the bum will remain dry, increasing the risk of internal injury and bleeding. You need lube to be evenly spread out. Using a lube shooter can help with this, something definitely not possible with classic vaseline.

3. It's downright hard to clean. Really hard.

You can scrub, dub and rub away, but you'll still feel the vaseline, and you know what's worse than bringing a sponge to your anus? Having that icky feeling stay there for days in-between your ass cheeks. At every moment of your day, you will be reminded that you used vaseline as anal lube and now you have to pay the price of your butt cheeks sliding against each other, ALL DAY LONG!

    Alternative Anal Lubricants To Using Vaseline

    There are other options that will ensure that you have a great time during anal. Using the right lubricant will make anal sex that much more pleasurable and that much less painful. Water-based lubricants are usually the go to product for anal sex.

    Sure you have to re-apply at times (not as often as you think), but they stay where you put them and they are a pleasure to clean off. In addition, you can use water-based lubes with condoms for anal sex.

    These lubes will not cause condoms to break as water does not interfere with latex in any way. 

    Silicone lube is a great alternative to both oil-based and water-based lubes. Let's say that are somewhat of an intermediary product between the short life of water-based lubes, and the long life of an oil-based lube. They provide a smooth, lubricating texture, without the messiness of oil. Silicone lubes are also condom safe. Oil-based lubes are specially designed for anal sex, unlike vaseline. They use a combination of specialized ingredients that provide for the right texture and consistency necessary for an anal lube. They are just not condom safe...

    ~ Top Recommended Vaseline Alternatives ~ 

    climax bursts lube

    1. Climax Bursts Anal Lube

    You we're looking for something that stays on when you slap it against your boys anus? The Climax Bursts Anal Lube is a thick, water-based gel that is non-greasy and easy to clean up afterwards. It stays put where you apply it and there is no need to constantly use more since it's rich and slick. 

    • 100% water-based lubricant designed for anal sex
    • Features vitamin E beads that provide ultimate comfort
    • Compatible with latex condoms and all types of sex toys
    • Easy to clean up

    Pjur Water-based lube

    2. PJur Analyse Me! Anal Lube

    Pjur water-based lube with hyluron feels and looks like silicone, but is 100% water-based. This new technology allows water to provide a more lasting and comforting glide than traditional formulations. Pjur analyse me! WATER combines all the best features of water-based lube with the added comfort and glide of silicone formulations.

    • 100% water-based
    • Designed for anal sex 
    • Long lasting lubrication, similar to silicone
    • Can be used with all sex toys
    • Very easy to wash off

    boy butter lube

    3. Boy Butter Original Anal Lube

    The original oil-based lube is formulated with two key ingredients: coconut oil, and organic, high quality silicone. This special formula allows for the slip and glide of an oil-based lube, but provides for easier clean up. The ingredients are homogenized like a real tub of butter, providing a lube that is both long lasting as synthetic products made from silicone, yet washes off with ease, not creating a mess. Simply use water at clean up time. Boy Butter is not condom compatible, so be sure to be on Prep, or use with trusted partners only! Can be used with most sex toys.

    • Oil-based for long lasting comfort and play
    • Non-staining formula
    • Great for intense anal play
    • Not compatible with latex condoms

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