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Genie in a Bottle Masturbator - Fire & Ice

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The Genie in a Bottle Masturbation Sleeve for Men comes in six different kinds and this one is the Fire and Ice. We all know that Genies come in various forms and so does this one. We also know that they grant wishes and though this grants only special wishes of gratifying pleasure of the sexual kind, it grants them nonetheless and they are not limited to just three. Set this genie free and feel the cool and tingling sensations of pleasure. The firm ridges and beads on the inner walls of the canal intensify the pleasure. From the moment of penetrating the tight narrow canal, it creates sensation of suction that draws you in deeper. When you reach the final chamber of the sleeve, prepare for an indescribable sensation to get you to climax. Have the genie provide you pleasure over and over - its there to do your bidding.

Color Black
Product Code GEN-M-101-B
Special Features Cools
Width No
Manufacturer No