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Jelique Hiney Helper Anal Calm Balm - .5 oz Naked

Jelique Hiney Helper Anal Calm Balm - .5 oz Naked

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Anal done right. 

You’ve tried other lubes and anal balms before. They’re usually either super sticky lube designed to lubricate like crazy -which can end up being super messy- or they’re made to numb, which makes sense, but is also counterproductive. You’re looking to feel pleasure, not to completely numb yourself and potentially your partner! 

So, Jelique came up with this magnificent product. The formula contains no numbing agents, and instead helps calm irritation and inflammation, helping you relax naturally and easily. Within a few minutes of applying, you’re already experiencing relief. 

Plus, this balm is so effective that you only need a little bit for it to work, so it’s never messy! 

  • .5 ounces
  • Anal balm 
  • No numbing agents

A one-of-a-kind balm that feels like you’ve finally found the one that’s right for you. Less pain, more fun!

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