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Manbound Hog Tie & Cuff Set - 5 pc

Manbound Hog Tie & Cuff Set - 5 pc

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Where Do You Think You're Going?!

Nowhere, if this complete hogtie set has anything to say about it! This 5-piece hogtie kit has everything you need to get your favorite sub twisted up and helpless and includes fully-adjustable hand and wrist cuffs and a sturdy hogtie nexus. Each piece includes easy off and on hook and loop closures that are compatible with most other bondage gear out there for a world of endless BDSM possibilities. Materials: polypropylene webbing, nylon webbing, nickel-free hardware, & velboa fabric.

  • Hook And Loop Closure
  • Hogtie Nexus
  • 4 Restraint Cuffs
What will you do to your helpless sub?
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