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Eye-Watering Pleasure In The Palm Of Your Hand

The Tenga Flip Zero is an obsessively designed male masturbator from the world-famous designers at Tenga. This toy features an intricately detailed internal texture that's specially designed to hit all the sweet spots in all the best ways and is complimented by the one-way air-valve that creates powerful suction as you stroke.

Tenga Flip Zero VibratingThe flip design allows for strategic placement of lube, easy cleaning, and convenient drying. Speaking of cleaning up, it really couldn't be easier! Just flip the toy open, wash with soap or sex toy cleaner and a bit of warm water, and let dry on the convenient drying stand that is included with the toy.

The Flip Zero is made from body-safe materials and is non-allergenic and phthalate-free.

  • Material: Silicone (Sleeve) And PP, Silicone, ABS Plastic (Exterior)
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Body Safe
  • Textured Sleeve
  • Flip-Design
  • Easy To Clean
  • Drying Stand

Why not treat yourself to one today?!

Tenga Flip Zero Vibrating

Tenga Flip Zero Vibrating

Tenga Flip Zero Vibrating

Tenga Flip Zero Vibrating


This will definitely be your go-to sex toy when you’re ready to lay back and rub one out...

With a soft to the touch, realistic feeling, interior you’ll swear you’re balls deep into the man of your dreams. You can pound away for hours into this masturbator and it’ll never complain, or ask for a break (or, for the guy who’s a little too quick on the draw, this is the perfect men’s sex toy to build up that stamina). Once you’re done simply open it up, clean it out, and it’s ready to go again whenever you are. After you see how good masturbation can really feel we guarantee you’ll never wanna use your hand again.

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Juan L.
United States United States
Treat with care, it'll do the same for you!

I've had my Tenga Flip Zero for a few weeks, so I think's appropriate to write a review now! Textures / feel: I'm new to sex toys, so I'm unsure what's separates the good and bad, but this thing's great! My favorite texture has to be the ripple dome / ridge wall, since it really squeezes against ya. Past that it gets less stimulating in my opinion. The triple chain gate is definitely noticeable, but the material's a little too soft for me. My biggest disappointment has to be the layered end orb, because I don't really notice it! I've heard stories of that thing absolutely draining the cum from people, but sadly, it doesn't do much for me. The tip of my penis might just not be that sensitive, tbh! Suction feature / noise: This is also pretty great! Keeps you pulled in, along with the mess you make. No worries about dripping lube or cum all over the sheets. I will say that trapping air in through the one way valve makes the toy sound like its farting, which is a hilarious side effect I've experienced with Tenga's spinner series as well. The noise during use is minimal, which is awesome! I've noticed the noise level can change though, from "quiet" to "might alert someone passing by your room", and I think it's because of the different lubes I use - or maybe how much? Not totally sure but I think the more lube you use, the less noise the toy will make. Cleanup / storage: This is where this thing really shines. The locking mechanism, which doubles as a drying stand, is terrific. It feels super sturdy when it's all locked up and perfect for one handed use. opening it up to clean the nooks and crannies of the different textures is a breeze as well. Personally I recommend using a drying cloth instead of only letting it air dry. The clear plastic casing is also really nice for storage, overall the Flip Zero is pleasant to look at. Quality: Sadly this is where I ding a star. I've noticed creases in the squishy material, and air bubbles in it too - many small ones at the ridge where the two halves meet, and a sizable one in the ripple dome. I am not sure if this is normal but it was disappointing to see for a toy of this price range. the penetration area and the hinge also separate slightly and I'm unsure if this is by design. The hinge also feels rather delicate, as it's just two pieces of clear plastic friction pinned together. None of those blemishes affect use of the toy, just something to point out for longevity's sake. Lastly, and most importantly, is that a retaining clip snapped on me recently. I was able to fix it with super glue but, again, I don't think a toy this expensive should be subject to that sort of breakage. Overall: A great toy that's a joy to fuck and easy to clean, but subject to QC issues and fragility that shouldn't be prevalent in a toy this expensive.

Rene-pierre C.

Great gay sex toy. Thank you