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10 Best Powered Masturbators For Men

10 Best Powered Masturbators For Men

Hands are O.K., stroker's are better, but powered strokers are a whole other animal completely! If you've only ever used an unpowered Fleshlight or other male masturbators, you're really missing out on something special.

The difference between a powered, hands-free stroker and an unpowered unit is night and day. Imagine trying to cut down a tree with a hand saw and then imagine how much easier it would be with a giant chainsaw and you'll have a pretty good idea of what it's like to switch to a powered unit.

Powered Masturbators For Gay Men

The best thing about these sex toys is that they leave your hands free to play with other toys, like prostate massagers or vibes. They make an amazing addition to couple play, but will really launch your solo play into the stratosphere.

Here are our top ten powered strokers and some additional info to help you get started!


 Love Botz Master Bot

10-  Love Botz Master Bot

We're starting off the list with an economical, effective little unit that features an automatic pumping action that works with the wispy ticklers that line the sleeve to produce some pretty intense sensations.

The only reason this toy isn't a bit higher on the list is that there are only two speeds to choose from. Luckily, those two speeds get the job done, it's just good to have options. When you get down to it, though, a powered stroker that pumps like a car piston for less than a hundred bucks is nothing to sneeze at! Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!


 Pipedream Extreme Roto-Bator

9- Pipedream Extreme Roto-Bator

The second entry on the list takes a different route to reach your orgasm. Instead of a pumping, piston-like action, this unit features rows of ball-bearings beneath the sleeve that caress your wang and make it feel like you're getting an impossibly insane blowjob.

This is a fully hands-free male masturbator that pairs well with a powered prostate massager to produce some pretty unearthly, full-body orgasms.

Pro Tip: Work your prostate until you're close to blowing before you pop your peeper into this badboy and get ready to blastoff to the friggin' moon.


 Zolo 360 Rotating Male Stimulator

8- Zolo 360 Rotating Male Stimulator

This model is like a suped-up version of the previous unit. It features a bigger grip, a puffier sleeve, and more beads per unit of space beneath the sleeve. The extra beads provide more stimulation and an all-around smoother experience, especially when combined with the puffier sleeve.

You get just about everything you get with the previous entry, at a slightly lower price. If you like the sound of a puffier sleeve and more beads, this might be the better option.


 Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

7- Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

Whereas the previous entries relied on rotating beads or piston action, this little number's special feature is its heating function. The added heat brings a whole new layer of sensation and pleasure and moves the experience that much closer to the real deal.

If that wasn't enough, it also boasts a whopping seventy, yes seventy, vibration programs. If you like a lot of variety in your vibe patterns and think you'd like to turn up the heat a bit, this is a great powered masturbator at a great price.


 Sir Richards Elements Masturbator Sleeve

6- Sir Richards Elements Masturbator Sleeve

This nifty little number is a bit different than our previous entries in that it offers a more targeted approach to stimulation. Namely, it really works your frenulum. If you're not familiar with what that is, think of it as the male answer to the clitoris. It's that super-sensitive spot just below the head of your penis on the bottom. You know the one!

The wrap-around design gives you full control over the amount of pressure and where it is applied which adds a lot of depth and range to the sensations you can create while stroking. This unit also famously operates as a hands-free toy by simply flopping your dong in and turning it on. While not the best hands-free unit out there, it works well enough- As a stroker, it blows most others right out of the water, thanks to that target stimulation. All that for less than a hundred bucks? Not bad at all!


 Sir Richard’s Control Silicone Twin Turbo Stroker

5- Sir Richard’s Control Silicone Twin Turbo Stroker

Things are really starting to heat up as we get into the top 5 and this particular entry is pretty tough to beat. Whereas the previous entries have all done one thing well, they pretty much just do the one thing. Not so with this badboy!

This stroker has dual motors, one at the base of the toy and one up toward the head that are independently controlled via a simple push-button control found on the exterior grip zone. It even features a special "Turbo Mode" function that will flat-out melt your face off.

In addition to the dual vibes and 10 patterns/intensity levels, this toy also automatically heats up to really make the experience real and send you over the edge. The most amazing thing about this powered masturbator is the price. Normally, multiple functions in such a well-designed toy would cost way more than seventy bucks! This is absolutely best powered stroker in its price-range and well worth taking out for a spin.


 Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Solo

4- Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Solo

Hot Octopuss did for men what the rabbit did for women back in the day, it completely revolutionized the masturbation toy game with never-before-seen innovations and obsessive design. Instead of relying solely on vibration or rotating beads to get the job done, this toy has a pulsing motor that spins beneath the surface of the unit directly under the most sensitive areas of your penis.

This toy is so effective, that it can even be used on a flaccid penis and produce an orgasm without an erection. In fact, the technology used in its design comes from medical devices designed to help paralyzed men conceive!

In addition to the pumping action, it does feature intense vibrations and an array of patterns to choose from. This is definitely a must-have addition to any guy's sex toy collection.


 Zolo Stealth Vibrating Smart Stimulator

3- Zolo Stealth Vibrating Smart Stimulator

This is like a turbo-charged version of a Fleshlight that features outrageous vibrations, intensely pleasurable textures on the inside of the sleeve and the know-how to use them both. Saying that a sex toy has the know-how to operate itself probably sounds pretty weird, but it actually works!

This male powered masturbator has a sensor built into it that detects your penetration and stroking patterns and adjusts vibration to match. You don't have to worry about fiddling with the controls, the machine already knows what you like! That leaves your hands free to operate other goodies, like prostate stims or your partner's junk.

The smart design is something we've come to expect from Zolo and we can't wait to see the next generation of this new technology. Oh, brave new world!


 ZOLO Zeppelin

2- ZOLO Zeppelin

Yup, another Zolo! What can we say? They make good stuff! This is another really ingenious design that features some intense, well-thought-out textures inside the sleeve that work insanely well with the vibration and rotation functions that really make this unit shine.

It's got 7 rotation functions, each uniquely pleasurable in their own way, and it can be used as a fully hands-free toy or more actively as a stroker. Versatile, fun, and effective!


 VeDO Hummer Transform Your BJ Masturbator

1-  VeDO Hummer Transform Your BJ Masturbator

A lot of BJ toys out there claim to be "just like the real thing". Well, this toy doesn't make that claim- it claims to be better than the real thing and it delivers on that promise and then some!

It has a cordless remote with separate controls for intensity and speed, five levels for each for 25 total combinations, and can deliver up to 109 suction pulses per minute! A human jaw would just flat-out fall off at that rate.

If the idea of an impossibly good blowjob is something you might be interested in (who isn't?!), you know what to do, boys!


General Tips And Resources For New Powered Masturbator Users

If you're new to the powered masturbator world, you could probably use a bit of extra guidance to find the best toys for your particular sexual needs. The following guides will help you find what you are looking for!


Gay Men Powered Masturbators

Useful Accessories For Powered Masturbators

Powered masturbators don't require much more than a few squirts of lube to get the job done well enough but they really shine when combined with other toys!

Cock rings are always welcome at any sexytime party and they can really crank up the pleasure when combined with powered masturbators. The type of cock ring you like best is a pretty personal thing. So, if you need help picking out a good one, this guide should get you sorted out nicely.

A lot of these units provide fancy orgasms without the use of your hands. Well, if you're gonna have a fancy orgasm, why not have a super-fancy orgasm?! Combining prostate play with your powered stroker is an outrageously pleasurable way to achieve mind-bending orgasms that you simply can't get without digging deep. Check out our guide to prostate massagers to help you get a better handle on which ones would play best with your new stroker!

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