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10 Next-Level Sex Tips Every Gay Guy Needs To Know

Sex tips for gay guys

If we're being honest, almost every one of us has spent more than a little time Googling ways to up our sex game at one time or another...

It's a perfectly natural thing to do because no matter how good a person might think they are in bed, they will always have a little part of them that wonders whether or not they are as good as they think, or even good enough at all!

Yes, we've all looked up ways to get better and it probably didn't take us long to realize that most of the advice we were finding was pretty common sense stuff. Most of us know that we should listen to our partner, reciprocate oral, and not lay there like a dead fish. That's kid's stuff! We want something meatier, something we can use.

I'm right there with you, and that's why I've written up this list of 10 sex tips that I've culled from the internet, personal experience, and conversations with friends that I haven't seen in every sex advice article I've ever read on the internet.

10. Give Your Hole A Little Squeeze While He's In There

Give Your Hole A Little Squeeze While He's In There
Obviously, you're going to want to be good and loosened up to get things started, but once you're good and warmed up you might want to try flexing your asshole every now and then.

This will cause your top to feel a sudden and drastic change in pressure on his dick that feels really damn nice. It' will also feel really good for you, the bottom, for a couple of reasons.

One, if you are positioned correctly, this sudden internal flexing will often cause your prostate to rub on his dick. If you are reading this because you already know all of the other advice, I don't need to tell you why that's a good thing.

Two, he will reflexively tense up in response to the pressure and pleasure which will cause his penis to sort of jump while he's in you which feels great inside but also makes your hole feel nice.

power bottom

If you've got a seriously well-trained ass, try alternately flexing and relaxing while you're fucking a little more slowly and watch his head explode with delight.

9. Throw in Some Kegel Squeezes While Topping

Throw In Some Kegel Squeezes While Topping
Like I mentioned in the previous point, if a top's penis flexes while he's inside his partner, there are some seriously awesome benefits for the bottom. This doesn't just have to be a reflexive response, though. If you're familiar with Kegel exercises, you already know how to do this. Chances are you already do, even if you are unfamiliar with Kegels.

kegel gay

You know how you can make your dong sort of do a silly dance if you squeeze the right pelvic muscles? That's basically what we are talking about here. If you practice Kegel exercises, you can train that muscle up to help you control your orgasm and help maintain healthy erections. Turns out, you can also tickle some booty as a fringe benefit!

8. Switch Condoms When You Switch Partners

Switch Condoms When You Switch Partners
This is obviously a tip for guys who are fucking multiple dudes at one time and to them, I tip my hat. To me, this one seems like it's a pretty obvious, common sense tip for anyone who is frequently fucking in groups but I haven't really seen it mentioned anywhere else and I just think it's important to point out, just in case.

No matter how clean your partners' asses are, you still run the risk of spreading all sorts of nasty intestinal bacteria and parasites by neglecting the condom change.

7. Keep Those Hands Busy

Keep Those Hands Busy!
If you're fucking and your hands aren't busy, you're simply doing it wrong. Nobody wants to fuck a guy whose hands are just lying limp at his sides. When you're hands aren't up to something, it is easy to send the message that you're not really invested in what is going on and are probably writing a shopping list or thinking about some cat video you saw online earlier that day instead of being present in the moment.

gay hands

Clutch the sheets, squeeze his ass and pull him in deeper, jerk him off while you fuck him, just make damn sure you're hands are doing something. Not only is this a great way to show that you are totally into what is going on, it's also a great way to add some dimension to your mutual pleasure.

6. Get A Vibrating Cock Ring

Keep Those Hands Busy!
It's tempting to just leave that header without any sort of explanation because, seriously, what's not to love?

I don't know why we don't see more vibrating cock rings out there, they're fucking incredible for everyone involved. If you're the top who's wearing one, all that extra tingly sensation buzzing away down there makes for some pretty intense, more full-bodied orgasms.

For the bottom, it feels great to have all the extra buzz in your downstairs mix-up, especially if you're positioned so that your top is getting maximum and frequent contact with your prostate. That just feels good anyway, but add the vibration to the mix and you've got some next-level shit going on.

I don't think I've ever met a guy who's tried a vibrating cock ring and didn't fucking love it.

5. If You're Gonna Eat Ass, EAT ASS!

If You're Gonna Eat Ass, EAT ASS!
The secret to Olympic-grade ass eating is to do it with serious gusto. Having your ass eaten is probably one of the greatest things ever, and you'd probably think it's difficult to fuck it up, but if the guy whose ass your eating gets it into his head that you're not really into it,  it can get kind of awkward.

Timidly parting his cheeks, licking around his crack and only occasionally tonguing that bung are great ways to send the message that you're only eating ass for his benefit. For myself and guys like me, the idea that I am somehow "coercing" this guy, for lack of a better word, to do something he's not into is a serious boner killer.

eat ass

That's why you can't fuck around when you're eating ass- You gotta go at it like you're trying to win a million-dollar pie eating contest. you've got to get sloppy with it. Spread those cheeks wide, bury your face right in there, and tongue the hell outta that bung like you're a starving anteater.

4. Take A Field Trip

Take A Field Trip - gay
If you're really serious about upping your bedroom game, you need to stop fucking in the bedroom exclusively. A change of scenery is an incredibly simple way to add some variety to your sexual experience and changes the whole mood of the fuck session.

If you're not an overly-adventurous sort, keep it simple and just move the action to another part of the house. Fuck in the laundry room, the shower, on the couch, or whatever. Just get out of the bedroom and switch it up. Who knows, maybe you'll realize you get a little more excited when you change the scenery?

gay bathhouse

If you are a more adventurous type who already fucks all around the house, take it to the next level and find a secluded place to fuck outside. There's nothing quite like having a great bang on a picnic blanket in the sun in a secluded spot in the woods or on an empty stretch of beach. Just make sure you're alone! Nobody needs indecent exposure charges.

For the extremely adventurous types, why not take a field trip to a sex club. Any good sex club will be a safe place for you and your partner to get the thrill of fucking in public without all the concerns about little things like jail time and legal fees.

3. Breath Is More Important Than You Think

breath gay sex

It's easy to get caught up in the moment and lose control of your breathing when you're having a really good roll in the hay. For some people, this might mean forgetting to breathe and for others, it might mean hyperventilating. Neither of these things is ideal for a couple of reasons.

Hyperventilating introduces all sorts of extra oxygen into your blood and, among other things, makes your nerves super-sensitive. This can be a real problem for guys who are a little quick off the mark from time to time. Forgetting to breathe causes you to tense up and also makes it harder to orgasm.

 If you are having trouble with either of these issues, you might want to look into learning a few simple breath control techniques. Hell, even if you aren't having any trouble, it's not a bad idea to learn them. They are a great way give you better control over your orgasm and maintain your stamina all around.

2. Be A Dopple-Banger

Be A Dopple-Banger

If you are worried about how to slot into a nice sexual groove with a new partner, try mimicking his sexual style. you can learn a lot about what a guy likes by examining the way he does things. If you notice he tends to go for a lot of deepthroating when he's going down on you, it's a safe bet that he is doing that because that's what he knows feels good. The same goes for anything else you can think of sex-wise.

The only time I would say this method is a bad idea is in situations where power disparity is part of the fun. Chances are a guy who likes to be rough with subs isn't going to like his subs being rough with him and vice versa.

1. Go Completely Fucking Feral

go feral gay
No matter how we dress it up sex, is an inherently animalistic and extremely primal act. All of our kinks, preferences, gadgets, and costumes can ever erase the fact that sex is basically two animals indulging themselves in an ancient and instinctive act. We can deny this all we like, but there will always be a tiny, savage part of us that remembers what we truly are, animals.

My personal philosophy is that the best way to have amazing sex is to let that primal, feral part of myself run wild when I'm fucking.

gay sex

When you really let go and embrace that animal side of yourself, you transform into an insatiable fuck monster. Just let it all go! Snarl, bite, moan, growl, scratch, really wrestle your partner. Fuck with wild abandon like the deranged primate you really are.

If you really throw yourself into the idea of letting out that inner beast, I guarantee your sex life will never be the same again.


So, what's the takeaway from all of this? Basically, if you really want to up your sex game, you should fuck like you mean it. No half-measures, no timid bullshit. Get in there, get invested in your partner, get creative, and get busy like it's the last fuck you'll ever have!

gay twerking

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