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5 Best Prostate Massagers

5 Best Prostate Massagers

Every gay man needs a prostate massager. Wait, let me fix it; every man needs a prostate massager. That's a fact, not an exaggeration or assumption; every man needs to own a prostate massager and use it regularly.

Whether you put the pro in prostate play, or you are just a beginner (or you've never experimented with stimulating your p-spot), the truth is the best orgasms you've ever experienced are the ones produced by this magical organ that exists inside your ass.

I bet you have some questions about this fantastic kind of sex toy, and maybe I can answer them.

the best prostate massager for me

What's the best prostate massager for me?

Now, if you're in search of the best prostate massager out there, you might be on a nearly impossible quest. The variety of this product in the market is so vast you may never end revising every massager there is until you find the one that's best for you. In the end, it'll all depend on your preference for this toy:

  • Are you using it alone?
  • Are you playing with your partner?
  • Do you prefer to use silicone-based lube?
  • Do you want a vibrating toy?
  • Do you want a multifunctional toy?
  • Is it your first massager?
  • Are you familiar with anal-stimulation toys?
  • How much do you want to invest?

Can I use a prostate massager?

Let me answer that question with another one: do you have a prostate? Then the short answer is yes. You can, and you should use a prostate massager if you want to achieve the best orgasms of your life.

How do prostate massagers work

How do prostate massagers work?

In simple terms: they are designed to fit inside your anus and press your prostate steadily and deliciously. But first, you'll need to get used to the sensation of having something pressing you from the inside (and from the outside in some cases).

If you're a prostate play beginner, here's what you can do:

  1. Lay on your back on your bed or a couch.
  2. Bend your knees, and draw them towards you as you apply lube (if your massager is made of silicone, do NOT use silicone-based lube).
  3. Start massaging the exterior of your asshole in a steady motion.
  4. Relax your breathing. Try inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly to help your muscles relax.
  5. Once you're relaxed (also hot and bothered), place the tip of your massager against the outer area of your asshole.
  6. Gently press the toy as you make a circular motion with it to stimulate your ass even better.
  7. Continue inserting the massager until the toy is around two inches towards the belly.
  8. You'll feel it as it reaches your prostate.

Prostate massagers are not like dildos or anal beads that you need to move in and out to feel pleasure; you just basically leave them there while you jerk off. Vibrating massagers can give you even more intense sensations. Still, you can also use techniques to work the massager with your own pelvic muscles and cum like a fountain without even using your hands.

Now, here's a list of 5 prostate massagers that are great for you for very different reasons.

Top 5 Prostate Massagers for You

Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager

5) Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager

You know, to stimulate your prostate with your own hands, you need to stick a finger up your butt and move it like in a "come here" motion. With this baby, you don't need to place your hands in an uncomfortable position. 

This slick, lean, self-love machine is perfect for beginners because of its slim body of just 1-inch diameter that'll make the most effortless insertion. With this toy, you can start getting used to having something up your ass (if you're not already used to it). 

It is made of ABS plastic, so you can ideally use it with any kind of lube, including silicone-based lube, and it'll be okay. So, slim-shaped, perfect size for beginners, works with silicone lube; is there something else this little guy can do? Yes, it vibrates!

 His Prostate Training Kit

4) His Prostate Training Kit

This list might look like a progressive growth from beginners to more advanced prostate players. Still, it's not, although this kit is perfect for beginners too. This prostate training kit has everything you need. It was made not only to train your ass for more challenging penetrations; it'll give your whole body the most intense P-spot orgasms.

The kit includes:

  1. A prostate probe with a bulbose body and flared base for easier control and placement.
  2. A prostate probe with a ring.
  3. A beaded prostate probe with a ring
  4. A multi-speed vibrating stimulator that you can place in the ring to boost all sensations.

Each of these toys has different purposes, as their variated sizes can help you feel like you're advancing progressively in anal play. All prostate probes are made of silicone; so, it's super durable, but you CANNOT use them with silicone-based lube.

 OptiMale P Massager

3) OptiMale P Massager

This perfect little toy is not only a clever play of words but a genius tool that can stimulate your prostate from the inside and out. It's shaped in a way that can press your P-spot once you have it inside of you and has perineum stimulating extension to also push your pleasure point from the outside.

Suppose you've ever learned about prostate stimulation. In that case, you know you can get pleasure from stimulating your perineum (you know, the space between your balls and your ass) as a way to gently press your prostate from the outside. It is not as effective as doing it from the inside, but it's something. With the OptiMale P Massager, you can do both simultaneously.

This silicone-made toy may look kinda weird if you're not familiar with prostate massagers, but it's designed for pure pleasure. It has no vibrating function, but it guarantees rock-hard erections and spectacular cum-tastic orgasms.

 Zero Tolerance Intro To Prostate Kit

2) Zero Tolerance Intro To Prostate Kit

Do you like the idea of a kit? Then this one is for you, and it has everything you need for a full exploration of your P-spot. This kit includes four slick silicone-made toys. Three have suction cups for hands-free play, and the other is a delicious vibrator for multi-purpose fun adult playing. These four unique toys are:

  1. A bulbose probe with a suction cup.
  2. A beaded probe that'll curl up to you just right.
  3. A prostate stimulator/cock-ring double feature.
  4. An advanced toy that'll hit that P-spot like no one.

As if this wasn't enough, the kit comes with a downloadable guide by Dr. Ava so you can learn how to properly use each one of the toys. This kit is perfect for both beginners and pros who want to expand their horizons.

 Sensuelle Homme Rechargeable Prostate Massager

1) Sensuelle Homme Rechargeable Prostate Massager

The star of today's show. This vibrating, texturized, bent, multi-function baby is made to give you pleasure and sensations like you've never gotten before. Its curvature it's perfect for stimulating your p-spot, and you'll love what its texturized head will do to you.

Suppose you think that's not inviting enough. In that case, this handsome guy has 3 speeds and 10 vibrating functions to make your eyes water with explosive full-body, mind-warping orgasms. Like, who needs a boyfriend anymore? 

This toy might be for more advanced anal players, as its girth can be a little too much for men who've never had something up their butts. On the other hand, it can be used like any other dildo, and its size and texture will do wonders to your ass.

Which prostate massager should I get

Which prostate massager should I get?

To answer this final question: it's entirely up to you and your goals. These five toys are great, and all men buying them can prove it's true, but in the end, you're the one who decides what does he want to have up their butt and what do they want to use it for. Remember that the primary purpose is to have fun and get the most delicious full-body orgasms.

Best Prostate Massagers

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