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Choosing the Best Anal Sex Toy for You: The Ultimate Pleasure Saga

Choosing the Best Anal Sex Toy for You: The Ultimate Pleasure Saga

There's no greater pleasure in life than the one you get when having a prostate orgasm. If you disagree with that statement, then you've probably never had one, period. The prostate is attached to a collection of nerves that also connect to your dick. This is perhaps why it's so pleasurable (I say "perhaps" because, b*tch, I ain't no scientist, I just know it feels amazing!).

Aside from the prostate, playing with your hole can be incredible; it really enhances any sexual experience.

That's why, in 2021, I find the fact that a lot of guys (straight or otherwise) are still afraid to play with their anus so unbelievable. Whether it's about some "macho" complex or simply because it's a "dirty business," the lack of sexual exploration can limit guys' sexperiences in ways it's not justified at all.

Some of you that disagree with me are probably thinking, "I've tried it, didn't like it," or "it hurts too much." I hear you, ok? I know not everything works for everyone.

However, I'm inclined to believe that you could be using a bad experience (your first anal experience was with a huge cock or giant dildo, lack of lube, no preparation...) to shine a negative light on the subject. Maybe, with proper guidance, you'll discover how much pleasure you were missing out on.

Even if you're coupled up, gay sex toys can be a game-changer for your sex life. It opens up lots of possibilities (we'll talk about some of them later) to spice things up in ways you didn't think possible before.

Want to fuck your boyfriend while getting some prostate stimulation? Done. Want some DP action? Can do. The two of you want to bottom? Awesome! Who needs a third person when you've got great toy friends?

So, now that we're clear on why you need to take this step, let's get to it.

Curiosity Awakens Anal Sex Toys

Episode I: Anal Toy Basics

You're convinced about trying some anal sex toys (I don't care if I didn't have anything to do with it, I'm proud of you). But, before we choose the best one for you, let's start with the anal sex toys safety guidelines:

First of all, it's crucial that, when shopping for any kind of sex toy, you go for reputable brands to ensure you're getting a quality toy that won't hurt you in any way.

Choosing the right material is also very important. I personally recommend getting a 100% silicone toy if you're looking for the most lifelike sensation. It's also the most versatile since they come in different degrees of softness.

It's essential to remember, though, not to use silicone-based lube when playing with a silicone toy! Always, ALWAYS, use water-based lubes for them. If you don't, the surface of your toy can warp in ways that could even hurt you when using it.

The use of lube is super important to avoid anal tears and other injuries, so don't be cheap and use plenty of it.

If you're looking for something more rigid, you could try stainless steel, glass, stone, ceramic, or even treated wood toys. All of those materials and silicone can be boiled to sanitize them and are sure to last for a long time (ensuring you get the most of them).

If you love sharing, remember to properly sanitize your toy before using it on someone else (or before they use it on you). If you're not sure if a toy is properly clean, you can always use a condom on it to be safe.

Just remember, if there's a condom involved, you also need to avoid silicone-based lube and stick to water-based.

Last but not least, remember to only purchase toys designed for anal use. Your bussy is no pussy, which means you don't have a cervix that can stop the toy from going really far inside of you. So, if you want to avoid having something stuck in The Upside Down, only use toys safe for anal use.

Now that you know the basic safety guidelines, let's chose the right toy for you!

Gay Sex Toys for Anal

Episode II: Attack of the Toys

With so many different types of anal sex toys out there, it can be very overwhelming to choose your first one. Heck, it can be as overwhelming even if you've already bought a bunch before.

So, to help you in your quest, I've divided them into four main categories: toys to train and be the very best like no one ever was, toys to blow your prostate's mind, toys to feel more stuffed than a turkey, and the best toy companions for real man-on-man sex.

Toys to train and be the very best like no one ever was

This category is basically for all of you out there who want (or need) some width training. This is great if you're having problems with your boyfriend's huge dick or if you simply want to be able to take bigger things up the ass.

Also great for beginners that are just getting into the world of anal pleasure.

1. Butt plugs

Butt plug

    But plugs are great for anal training. You can find one as small as the width of a finger and others as wide as your wrist (or even bigger). They stay in place, can stimulate your prostate, and are great to have up your butt even if you're usually a top. Consider the B-Vibe Snug Butt Plug 1

    If you want a more detailed guide on butt plugs, go check out our post: Anal Play 101: Butt plugs for beginners.

    2. Anal trainer kits

    anal trainer kit

    These kits typically come with 3 different-sized butt plugs. It's as straightforward as you're thinking. You start with the smallest and work your way up to the thickest.

    Like the NS Novelties Renegade Sliders Anal Trainer Kit, some of them come in a more traditional butt plug shape, but you can find others that are closer to the shape of a dick. Thanks to their tapered shape and their flared base, they're great if you want to "train" while doing daily activities.

    Let's admit it, it's kind of hot to go grocery shopping and look at the cashier in the eyes, knowing your ass is plugged.

    3. Anal stretchers

    anal stretcher

      As the name says, they're used to stretch your anus and help your ass graduate a few sizes. Great for beginners who want to take things up the ass and for queens looking for a challenge.

      The shapes of some of them can be scary at first since they kinda look like claws, but they're pretty harmless and excellent to expand your anus little by little.

      Others, like the Titanmen 6" Anal Stretcher, come in very tame cone shapes. It's up to you to decide which one you'd want to try, but either way, you'll be ready for big dicks in no time.

      Toys to blow your prostate's mind

      While most anal toys can stimulate your p-spot, a toy specially designed for that will make your prostate sing. Having a prostate orgasm is not the easiest thing to accomplish.

      Still, with the proper stimulation in the right places, you'll shudder with incredible pleasure like never before.

      1. Prostate massagers

      prostate massager

      Specially designed to reach and stimulate the prostate, these massagers will have your neighbors calling 911 because of all the loud moaning and screaming you'll be making when you climax.

      You can find them in vibrating and non-vibrating models, depending on the type of play you'll be having. Prostate massagers are also incredible if you try them on while fucking your partner.

      You can try the Nexus Max20 Remote Massager and have your partner decide the intensity of the vibrations while you fuck him. Surrendering control to someone who's at your mercy can be very exciting.

      2. Curved dildos

      curved dildo

      While I believe prostate massagers are better for achieving prostate orgasms, curved dildos can also do the trick. Their dick shape and texture could help excite you more if you're pretending that's a real dick fucking you, and there's a little more versatility to them. Consider the Fun Factory Magnum 7" Silicone Dildo.

      Some say best of both worlds. I say great second choice.

      Gay Bottom Sex Toy

      Toys to feel more stuffed than a turkey

      I don't know about you, but I just LOVE the deep and satisfying filling sensation of having a dick up my ass. The best part is, I don't actually need another human being to get that sensation.

      When one dick is not available, and I'm too lazy to get on Grindr, I have a plethora of anal toys to choose from and be stuffed and happy.

      1. Dildos

      double dildo

      The most common sex toys. Dildos may be basic, but they're not just for basic b*tches. They're as popular because they get the job done, and they're very versatile. You can thrust one in your hole and fuck yourself with as much force and speed as you want, you can use it as a stuffier butt plug, you can constantly rub your prostate with one and try to go for a prostate orgasm, or simply go to heaven with a vibrating dildo up your ass.

      They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose the correct width for you, depending on what you're able to take.

      Just remember that, since you're using the dildo for your boy-hole, you need one that has some sort of flared base (most anal dildos come with a pair of balls that act as the flared base). This will significantly decrease the chance of the dildo getting stuck up your ass.

      The number of people I know who have ended up in the ER because they had a dildo stuck too far in is way larger than it should.

      If you love being extra stuffed, you could try the Blush Dr. Skin Dr. Double Stuffed and emulate what it's like to be double-penetrated. You'll be super full for sure.

      2. Anal beads

      anal beads

      Anal beads are an exciting option for anal play. Most beginners get intimidated by them, but they shouldn't.

      Unlike a dildo that is usually the same width all the way (except for the head), anal beads warm you up by inserting the smallest beads and then easing in the larger beads at a pace you find comfortable.

      You can actually feel each of them inside you, creating tingling sensations in places that shouldn't feel as

      good but do anyway. If you want to up your anal beads game, try a vibrating model like the Nexus Quattro Vibrating Anal Balls. You'll thank me later.

      The Rise of Your Sex Life

      The best toy companions for real man-on-man sex

      Any sex toy can be used when you're having sex with a partner (or partners) and enhance the experience (I'm sure I've said it before on this post, but please try topping your guy with a butt plug up your ass).

      However, some of them were designed with two (or more) people involved in mind.

      1. Penis sleeves

      penis sleeve

      Penis sleeves are great toys to add to your collection and are often dismissed as toys for small-dick-guys or people with ED. While they are great for both cases, they're also designed to switch up the game completely.

      If you're in a monogamous relationship, this will make your partner feel like he's being fucked by a different dick, which can spice things up.

      They're also great for the top since they can have ribbed surfaces inside and out, perfect for pleasing both you and your bottom. I suggest you try the NS Novelties Renegade Ribbed Sleeve and let it do the convincing.

      2. Double-ended dildos

      double ended dildo

      If you and your partner are in the mood to bottom, there's no need for a dramatic Katniss-like "I volunteer as tribute" moment.

      Get yourself a double-ended dildo like the King Cock Medium Double Trouble - Double Ended Dildo and explore what it feels like to fuck yourself and your partner at the same time. There's no better bonding than this. You can also use it for solo play if you want.

      The extra length makes for a great handle to grab and fuck yourself with, and it's harder to lose up your ass.

      3. Butt plug + cock ring

      prostate massager with cock ring

      This one is amazing, especially if you're going to top. The feeling of the ring around your cock connected to the plug stimulating your ass is like nothing else.

      Pair it with the thrusting motions of fucking your partner, and you'll have a mind-blowing orgasm. Try the Adam's Rechargeable Prostate Pleaser + C-Ring.

      It can get intense but in a good way.

      Anal sex toys for pleasure

      Episode III: The Rise of Your Sex Life

      Now that you're more versed in anal sex toys and what they're great at, it's time to buy and try. It's ok to be a little anxious about it, especially if it's the first toy you'll buy.

      It can feel like a big commitment but don't be afraid. Start small and go from there (or big, if you're into that).

      Remember to always be safe, buy quality products, use lots of lube and, most importantly, HAVE FUN!

      Anal sex toys are designed to give you pleasure, so enjoy that, moan to your heart's content and have the most cumtastic experience ever. If the first toy you try doesn't quite do it for you, try something different instead of giving up.

      It's your time to evolve your sexual game to new heights. Don't be shy. Go for it! 

      The Best Anal Sex Toy for You

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