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Newbie's Anal Sex Toy Guide

Newbie's Guide Sex Toys

Strip to your jocks and reach for your socks, we're going in deep! Whether you're just taking the first steps on your anal adventure, or you've been down that road and back more times than you can count, it always helps to bring a guidebook to help you get to where you're going and see all the sites along the way. Here's you're atlas to the wide world of toys designed to tickle your prostate, stretch your anal horizons, and keep clean along the way.

Anal Beads

The first stop on our tour is anal beads. There are a few different types of anal beads but what they all have in common is the fact that they are a series of beads, usually spherical, attached together in some way and inserted anally. There are some variations between models but they basically fall into two categories, flexible and rigid, depending on how the beads are attached to each other.

Flexible beads are usually joined by some sort of thin, flexible material, often string. These beads are better for those who prefer the "one after another" style of insertion instead of a quicker, "all at once" method. Rigid Beads are connected by a solid, inflexible body between each bead and are often made as one solid piece. These are better for more rapid insertions and allow the beads to be moved and angled after insertion.

People use anal beads for two major reasons. Many guys like the feeling of being "filled up" that anal beads create when placed. The big reason they're a crowd favorite, however, is the way they can seriously enhance an orgasm if removed when the moment strikes. Some people prefer to have them quickly pulled out, while others like a more gradual approach.

Depending on what you're looking for, there is a wide range of materials and features available. From a simple strand of plastic balls on a string to a solid line of vibrating silicone spheres with a remote and everything in between. There's something out there to tickle anyone's fancy. For an even more in-depth look at anal beads and how they're used, check out our comprehensive guide here.

Prostate Massagers

Ahhhhhhh, the mysterious prostate, this is a site no guy should miss! If you haven't taken the time to get to know your prostate, you're missing out on the best part of sex. It's like eating french fries without salt- What kind of monster does that?!

Seriously, though, prostate massage is an excellent way to bring your sexy time to a whole new level and there are plenty of ingenious devices out there to help you get the job done. While there are plenty of toys that will stimulate your prostate when you use them, this is a category of toy specifically designed for the stimulation of the prostate.

The main thing that sets these toys apart from other anal stimulators such as probes or beads is the fact that many are designed to massage the prostate in a hands-free way. The basic idea being that the toy is ergonomically designed to reach the prostate when placed and is operated through the tensing and relaxing of internal muscles to massage the prostate and bring about orgasm.

There are many different designs out there to choose from with a variety of features. On the one hand, you have Aneros prostate massagers, which are obsessively well-designed, yet simple toys that feature few bells and whistles but never fail to get the job done. On the other hand, you have something more complex like the Prostatic Play Rimsation 7x Silicone Prostate Vibe with Rotating Beads whose name says it all!

If you're one of those guys who hasn't discovered the wonders of this feisty little gland, you might want to check out our complete prostate massage guide here.

Anal Probes

Somewhere between a prostate massager and a dildo, you will find anal probes. These toys tend to be on the slimmer side but they can range up to the gargantuan. Unlike most prostate massagers, anal probes tend to require a free hand to use and allow for more hands-on control of the angle of insertion as well as allowing for repeated insertion and removal. Basically, you can actually fuck yourself or partner with a probe, whereas a massager leaves your hands free to roam. In fact, probes often feature a handle for this very reason.

If you are feeling brave and want something a little larger, the Manhandler is a classic favorite. This is a simple, but effective probe that's big enough to strike fear into even the bravest analnauts. If you're looking for a larger toy with something a little extra, you might consider the Deep Drill from Colt. This probe features a considerable length and girth and also offers a variety of vibration modes to add a little extra punch to your prostate tickle.

If large and in charge isn't quite your bag, you might consider the Vibrating Thruster. This zippy little number is considerably less intimidating than the other probes we've mentioned and has the added benefit of offering vibration and even thrusting action that can be controlled by remote.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are usually small, tapered objects designed to be inserted into the anus and simply left there to create pressure on your internal erogenous zones and provide a sensation of fullness. They are also commonly used for the purpose of loosening up your hole for anal sex or as an aid to anal stretching (We'll talk more about anal stretching later on).

Butt plugs come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. The most common materials are silicone, metal, or glass but you can also find them in other materials ranging from the outrageously fancy crystal to more rustic wooden or stone plugs.

Like most sex toys, there is a range of features available, from vibration or rotating beads to hollow models designed for more extreme insertions or the introduction of liquids into the anal cavity. There are even plugs designed to be inflatable once inserted for the ultimate feeling of fullness.

Anal Stretchers

Anal stretchers, as the name implies, are sex toys designed to stretch out your hole. These toys are great for guys who enjoy the feeling of having their hole stretched out during solo play or fun with friends.

Many stretchers, such as the Mega Insta Gaper, are designed to be collapsible to ease insertion and to open up once placed, but there are other designs such as this conical model from Titanmen which also doubles as an effective anal trainer.

 Anal Trainer Kits

Anal trainer kits are a series of butt plugs of graduated size designed to help loosen up your downstairs mix-up to help ease the discomfort of anal sex. Whether your hole has tightened up from lack of attention or you're simply just taking your first baby steps on your anal quest, the struggle of a hole that's too tight is very real. These kits are the perfect way to ease into taking on the big boys or help keep your hole in shape during dry periods.

When used properly as part of an anal training regimen, these kits offer a more permanent solution to the problem of a hole that's a bit too tight for comfort. If you're looking for more info on how to properly start an anal training regimen of your own, you might want to check out our comprehensive guide to anal stretching here.

Anal Douches And Enemas

The one thing every bottom knows is that shit, unfortunately, happens. It's a tired cliche for a reason- it's simply true. It's a fact of anal sex and keeping on top of it is a major concern for guys who bottom. There's more to keeping the poop monster at bay than watching what you eat and when- Sometimes you just gotta get in there and clean house. That's where anal douching comes in.

Anal douches are, basically, a tool for forcing water into your anal cavity to wash away any undesirable debris that might be in there. Most often, they take the form of a bulb attached to a spout that is inserted anally and squeezed to move the liquid inward, although there are other models that take the form of a syringe or a rubber hot-water-bottle-style bag.

If you're want to learn more about safe anal douching, check out our complete guide here.

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