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The Throuple Prep List: 11 Must-Dos Before Inviting a Plus-One to Your Duo!

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Thinking of adding a dash of spice to your love life with a tantalizing threesome? Well, before you start swiping right on a third, let’s chat about the prep work that’ll make your adventurous tryst a fabulous success. Buckle up, because this is the ultimate pre-party checklist for you and your beau!

1. Talk it Out Over Cocktails

Grab your favorite drink and make sure you’re both on the same page. Communication is key—so discuss your desires, boundaries, and the no-go zones.

Before you even think about adding a third, have an open and honest convo with your main man. Make it fun—mix up some martinis, put on some mood music, and let the chat flow. Lay all your cards on the table: desires, limits, and what you hope to get out of the experience. It's like planning an epic night out, but with even more exciting "activities".

2. The Guest List is Everything

Choose wisely, fellas. Your third musketeer should be someone you both vibe with. Maybe not your ex, though. That’s a party for drama, not pleasure.

The success of your threesome hinges on the third. He's not just a guest; he's the guest of honor. Think compatibility, attraction, and a good dose of common sense. Remember, it's a joint venture, so mutual agreement is non-negotiable. And maybe keep it out of your immediate circle—no need for awkward run-ins at the next brunch.

3. Safety Dance

Make health a priority. Ensure everyone is up-to-date on their health status, and stock up on protection. Perhaps some designer condoms? They're practical and posh! Explore the variety—flavored, textured, glow-in-the-dark? This is the kind of shopping that can be both responsible and a riot!

4. Set the Scene

Create a sensual ambiance with mood lighting and a killer playlist. Maybe throw in a satin bedspread from ‘Luxurious Lounging’ to really set the tone.

Transform your bedroom into an oasis of desire. Dim the lights or string up some fairy lights for that soft, just-right glow. Curate a playlist that goes from smooth jazz to the pulsing beats as the night progresses. And don’t forget to drape that bed in the finest satin—because nothing says 'welcome' like a bed that begs to be tousled.

5. Wardrobe Wonders

Consider a shopping spree for some sizzling new underwear. Nothing says ready-for-action like a fresh pair of ‘Bootylicious Briefs’.

Why not slip into something a little more comfortable... and maybe a little less conventional? Those snug, cheeky briefs can be a real party-starter. Pick something that makes you feel like the god of love that you are. Confidence is key, and it starts with your choice of attire—or lack thereof.

6. The Safe Word: Pineapple!

Agree on a safe word that’s fun and memorable. When someone shouts “Pineapple!” it’s time to pause and check in.

Mid-threesome is no time to be shy about your needs. Pick a safe word that’s silly enough to remember but serious enough to respect. When someone calls out "Pineapple!", it’s a full stop. It’s the threesome equivalent of a group hug, but with words.

7. Practice Makes Perfect

Have a dress rehearsal, just the two of you. Try out positions and strategies to avoid awkward mid-threesome choreography. 

Explore ideas in advance to know what feels good and what’s just a human pretzel gone wrong. It’s all about the flow—keep it smooth, keep it sexy, keep it sane.

8. The Menu: Tasty Treats

Whip up some light bites and have hydration handy. Nobody performs well on an empty stomach, and you’ll need the energy!

Think aphrodisiacs—chocolate, strawberries, a little whipped cream on the side. Stay hydrated too; you'll need the stamina.

9. Exit Strategy

All good things must come to an end, including threesomes. Have a plan for when it’s time to say goodbye. No awkward morning-afters, please.

Decide how you'll wrap things up. Will your guest Uber home, or is it a sleepover situation? Whatever it is, be clear up front. No one wants to overstay their welcome, and you’ll want your space back eventually.

10. Aftercare is Afterglow

Cuddles and debriefs are important. Make sure everyone feels good about the experience.

11. The Review Session

After your guest has left, have an honest chat about what rocked and what didn’t. This will help you decide if threesomes are your jam or if it’s a one-time gig.

Sit down with your partner and honestly discuss what you loved, what you learned, and what you'd leave out next time. This ensures that no matter what, you both come out feeling good about the experience.

Wrapping It Up With a Bow... and Maybe a Cherry on Top!

Once you’ve ticked all these boxes, you're ready to take the plunge! Remember, the goal is to have fun and strengthen your connection—anything else is just a fabulous bonus. Embrace the experience, laugh off any hiccups, and enjoy the thrill of your new adventure. Who knows, this might just become your favorite type of threesome—the kind that comes with no regrets and a whole lot of stories to giggle about later. Cheers to your upcoming escapades! 🥂✨

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