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Elbow Grease H2O Thick Gel - Gay Men's Sex Toys - Adam's Toy Box

Elbow Grease H2O Thick Gel

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Some people go for the natural thing and Elbow Grease H2O Thick Gel personal lube is just like your own body’s lubrication. Elbow Grease H2O Thick Gel has a soft velvety smooth texture mimicking the body's own natural lubrication. If the natural lube of the body is lacking it is a perfect support. Slick and smooth, it is a water-based lube that cleans easy with plain water and you will be glad to know that no residue is left behind even without the use of soap.

Water-based lubes are considered safer for the body compared to other lube formulations and they are also safe to use with latex. This is not a scented product and it is odorless. It is also free from Nonoxynol-9, if you have concerns about that.