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Sex Positions for Guys With More To Love

Sex Positions for Guys With More To Love

Big dicks seem to be at the top of the sexual food chain. We've heard it time and time again. Even Sharpay from High School Musical said it: "Bigger is better, and better is bigger" (even though she was not talking about dicks... or were she?). But is this actually true?

Porn and size-queens out there are the reason we believe that big dicks are something to be celebrated and expected from a guy. We have the idea that a big penis is manlier and that it represents sexual satisfaction. But the truth is: satisfying your partner is more about technique than it is about size. It is not about the tool; it is about how you use it.

If we're being honest, having a big dick, or being with a big-dicked guy has its own set of problems, and being able to have hot and satisfying sex is indeed one of them. So, if you're not a size-queen bottom with a wormhole for -well- hole, and you want to have the best sex possible with a humungous dick, then this post might interest you.

Sex life with a big dick

Sex life with a big dick

Even though the idea of our dicks not being big enough gives anxiety to many men, having a huge dick is often described as the worst problem to encounter with a partner because sometimes it becomes impossible to have sex with it. But, if you're hung, or you're dating a well-hung guy, this doesn't need to be a problem.

It'd be wrong to assume that a big dick means easy or healthy sex life, but that's not real. Keeping in mind that our prostate (AKA male g-spot) is located just 2-3 inches inside the rectum, being penetrated with a dick that's way longer than that can become overwhelming, primarily if the bottom is not used to having something so big inside.

The good news is that with good preparation and the proper technique, having that enormous shaft inside an asshole can be done exquisitely, even if the bottom is a beginner. Here we have the best tips for you to enjoy that big dick like a pro!

Prepare that ass for a huge cock

Prepare that ass for a huge cock

When we talk about taking a big dick in the ass, preparation is vital. So, here we give you some tips on preparing your butt for that HUGE challenge.

1) Too much lube is not enough lube

You know your anus doesn't lubricate itself on its own, right? So, before any kind of penetration, using the correct quantity of lube is very important. If you've already had a penis up your butt, try to use that amount of lube times the size of the big dick you're about to ride. There's not a thing as too much lube; use as many as you feel like.

fuck water lube

(Fuck Water Personal Lubricant)

2) Start with a finger... maybe two

You'll want to take this slow, so warm up a little before the main event by giving some love with your fingers. After the ass is all lubed up, the top can introduce a finger into the anus to help it open up and get used to having something inside there.

Slowly, you can start adding more fingers or switch to use a sex toy to help stimulate the bottom's anus. Butt plugs are an excellent choice for assisting the ass in getting confidence in anal penetration, and you can get yourself a training kit to be even readier for the more enormous challenges.

anal trainer kit

(Anal Exerciser Kit)

3) It takes two to get that ass ready

So, here's the tea: The bottom's job is to relax and embrace that big dick, and the top's job is to help him prepare that ass and don't hurt him in the whole process. 

communication is typically necessary for sex

4) You got to express yourself, baby

If communication is typically necessary for sex, when doing something like this, it is even more. Work together and discover what angles or speed feels right or wrong. The bottom should be the one who controls the situation: He tells the top how far he wants him to go inside, if he wants to pause, and when he's ready to go on.

5) Breath in, breath out

If, at some point, that big dick in the ass feels like it is too much, try some deep breathing. Maybe it sounds dull, but you need to keep calm so your ass can relax and open up more. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break in the middle.

6) You don't want to pee

The sensations of riding a dick of a specific size might be different than what you're used to. You might feel like you want to pee because his dick might be poking at your bladder; if you feel like this, just change the position or angle, so it gets more comfortable.

king cock big dildo

(King Cock 9" Big Dildo)

7) Safe sex is possible

There's no such thing as being "too big" for using a condom, but let's understand that maybe you haven't found the right size for that man-aconda. There's a wide variety of condom sizes in the market (both length and width), so you can be sure there is a condom that will perfectly fit any guy's penis, no matter how enormous it is.

5 Sex Positions for Big-Dicked Guys

5 Sex Positions for Big-Dicked Guys

When it comes to sex technique, positions are a huge part of it. A position can make sex more pleasurable, comfortable, and fun, and for sex with guys with more to love, you must partake in the correct positions for it to work out for you both. 

When riding a big dick (especially for the first time), there are two things to consider when picking in what position you're going to address it:

  1. Being able to make it stop: For big-dick riding beginners, being the power bottom who's in control of the situation is vital. So, riding in positions in which you can disengage as soon as it becomes too painful is rather advisable. 

  2. Having a little buffer: When the bottom's butt is in the way between him and the top, it helps to work as a buffer for the dick to go too far and too deep too fast. That's why big butts are the perfect match for big dicks! Don't worry if you have a tiny butt; it can still work as a buffer).

Now, with these two things in mind, let's go to the best sex positions to ride big dicks:

1) The Launchpad

The bottom can lay on his back and relax while the top does most of the work at the beginning. The bottom can have his knees tucked into his chest while the top starts to slide his dick gently in; this position gives the dick a smoother and straighter entry that is also more comfortable for the bottom.

The bottom can use his legs to push against the top, enabling him to calibrate the depth of penetration and stop him if there's any pain.

2) Pillow talk

The bottom should get down on his hands and knees, facing away from the top as he enters from behind. The bottom can start with his knees closer to his chest and slowly open out to all fours.

If you struggle with the angle or depth of penetration, you can slide a couple of pillows behind your stomach to provide extra support; this way, you'll be able to relax more since you won't need to maintain your position on your own.

gay bottom on top

3) Bottom on top

Not because you're a "bottom" means you need to be at the bottom. Being on top of the top means the bottom, supported by his knees, can calibrate how much dick he wants to take in. 

Being able to control the situation, and feeling free to move around an experiment with depth and rhythm, will help the bottom relax, get more aroused, and open up more (I talk from experience, this is a favorite).

4) The hot seat

The top can sit on a chair, and the bottom can squat and ease down on his penis, facing back at him. In this position, the bottom can control with his legs exactly how he wants it to be. 

This one is an excellent position for the top to stimulate the bottom manually from behind; caress his pecs, pinch his nipples, play with his balls and jerk his dick off.

5) Spooning

In this position, the bottom's butt will ideally help as a buffer, preventing the dick from going too deep too soon, and will also give him the liberty to disengage in case it becomes too painful. The bottom can also put his leg over the top's legs to have more maneuvering ability.

Spooning also makes it troublesome to go fast, so it's perfect for big-dick riding beginners.

his dick is too big

What if his dick is too big?

If you tried it all and still his dick feels like it's going to break you in half, then go down to your knees and pray. No, I'm not saying you should quit sex with that hot and hung guy; I'm saying maybe anal sex will not be an option, but that's not the end of the world, you can always do like Madonna: get down on your knees and take him there. 

Sex is not just about putting a dick in an asshole. There's so much more to it, from oral, to handjobs, to sex toys; experiment and have fun! Suck that dick like there's no tomorrow, and show him that maybe your ass is not too deep, but your throat is, and your oral game is gold.

gay guy big dick

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