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Anal Starter Kit - Gay Men's Sex Toys - Adam's Toy Box

Anal Starter Kit

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This kit is great for those who are beginners in anal play. We took the guesswork out of your hands. We built this kit with everything you will need to get started with anal pleasure. We have included our popular Colt anal trainer kit, which is great for beginners since it comes in 3 different sizes. We also added the Colt anal douche, which will allow you to clean up before you start playing with the butt plugs. The Pjur water-based lube is the finest, smoothest lube out there, and the lube shooter will help you get the lube in every nook and cranny!


- 1 Colt Anal Trainer Kit

- 1 Pjur Water-Based Lube

- 1 Colt Anal Douche

- 1 Lube Shooter


 It may take some time for a select portion of individuals to get used to going Greek and for that, some training might be appropriate. The Colt Anal Trainer Kit is a perfect set of butt plugs to get your derriere used to the presence of a phallic object stuffed deep inside.

The kit comes with three black tapered butt plugs of varying sizes. These should ease you into the real thing as you progress from the smallest to the largest. The smallest is 4" in length and 1" wide, the medium one is 4 1/2" in length and 1 1/2" wide and the largest is 5 1/2" long and 2" in width. Loosening up that tight anal cavity with your Colt Anal Trainer Kit guarantees a smooth transition from one size to the next. They are made from body safe PVC and they are easy to clean - soap and water.


The Pjur Man Basic Water Glide comes in a 100 ml bottle and this amount should last you several uses because it is a really long lasting water based lubricant. For such a long lasting lubricant which is not a silicone based product, you will love the slick performance without the icky-sticky feel. Washing off this water based lube is optional and the formulation can also provide a moisturizing effect because it can be absorbed by the skin. You will also love that it is condom safe so you can enjoy lubricated sex with your favorite protection. This product is made in Germany.


Rubber and latex have long been used in many cleansing systems and Colt has produced the Colt Anal Douche with the same materials. The design used in making it were also guided by the principles of simplicity but the pleasure aspect was also taken into consideration. This is all evident with the removable ribbed attachment and interchangeable spritzer attachment. Because this is a latex product one should keep in mind that the use of non water-based lubes is not advisable and may damage the product.



Load the Clean Stream One Shot Launcher and be ready to shoot lube for some slick sex. It is made even better because the new Clean Stream One Shot Launcher in Blue is now in an XL size which holds over twice the amount of lube compared to the original size. Convenient finger loops allow you to use it with one hand and inject an XL amount of lube.

Get a load ready and put the cap on to prevent a nasty spill until you need it. Quick and easy no mess no fuss lube delivery to get you in the action on one clean stream and in one shot.