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Aneros Male Prostate Stimulator - Progasm

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The classic with a couple of additions, the Aneros Male Prostate Stimulator - Progasm Classic.

  • Medically researched and designed
  • newly designed p tab
  • K-Tab

Aneros is serious about their prostate stimulators because these are medically researched and designed. The Progasm Classic from Aneros is a male prostate stimulator that is like the others in their product line, medically researched and designed. There is medical research that shows the male g spot orgasm is not only an out of this world experience but it is also beneficial to one’s health and many of the sexologists agree on this. The Progasm Classic is a new kid on the block but it is larger than the older and more popular p spot stimulators from Aneros. The size ensures robust stimulation and it can be used hands-free. The self-pivoting mechanism also allows it to stimulate both the p spot and the p tab at the same time. The k tab, which is something new, increases the yummy sensations that go up and down your back.

The p spot is an unusually placed super erogenous area and in order to stimulate it, access can only be by way of the ass which is where poop goes out. Some straight men shy away from this and some detest it but the reality is clear, the male g spot orgasm is real and it reachable with the Aneros Male Prostate Stimulator - Progasm Classic.