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Bathmate Control Prolong Your Pleasure

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Go The Distance...

This powerful, effective ejaculation delay cream is specifically formulated to desensitize your penis to allow for greater control over the moment of climax. Simply apply the gel to your penis 10-20 minutes before you begin intercourse to prolong foreplay buildup, attain better control over the moment of ejaculation, and prevent premature orgasm.

This all-natural formula is alcohol and paraben free and has been dermatologist-tested to be completely safe for use.

  • Desensitizes Genitals
  • Delays Orgasm
  • All-natural Formula
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Paraben-Free

If you're looking for a little extra on-demand staying power or you just like to make it last, you'll definitely want to have a bottle on hand for when things get hot.