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Bathmate Hydromax

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Luxury Penis Enlargement

The Hydromax Series is another amazing penile enhancement device from the masterminds at Bathmate. This pump's unique design offers a number of nifty features not found in other penis pumps. The most novel aspect of this pump is the fact that it uses water, instead of air, to create suction. This means increased comfort as well as a more powerful vacuum. Speaking of comfort, this pump comes with a soft comfort insert that creates a tight seal without any discomfort you get with some penis pumps.

The new bellows pump design offers a 35% increase in suction over the standard Bathmate pump for increased gains. The chamber features a swiveling base that allows for full rotational view of the inner chamber as well as a measurement indicator in both standard and metric, to allow for visual confirmation of size gains in real time. The Super Flow Latch Valve allows for easy, one-handed use in the shower.
Increased Penis Size

  • Improved Penile Health
  • Bellows Pump Design
  • Easy, One-Handed Use
  • Swivel Base
  • Comfort Insert

If you're looking to see immense gains in penis size and increased vascular health for your penis, you're definitely going to want to pick one of these up today!

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