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Blush Temptasia Twist Kit - Black Set of 3

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Three is always better. 

Do you like dildos with personality? That’s right— it’s more fun this way. You don’t want boring old dildos that look like one in a billion. That’s where Temptasia comes in with this three-piece set of unique dildos. 

They all have heart-shaped suction cups. Cute! And every dildo is different, too: you have the regular-sized one as well as a slimmer one. Finally, there is a big, girthy, one to complete the set. You literally have one for every occasion. 

They are subtly textured with a spiral-like texture that feels good from top to bottom and adds another layer of pleasure to your experience. 

  • Made from pure silicone
  • Color: black
  • Three lengths: 5, 6 and 7 inches. 

A three-piece set of dildos that are full of personality and that will quickly become your favorite sex toys.