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Boneyard The Man Sizer 3X Stretch Silicone Extender

Boneyard The Man Sizer 3X Stretch Silicone Extender

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Man Size Your Cock

The Boneyard Meaty Cock Extender Penis Extension from Rascal Toys can make you feel like a whole new man. Thanks to the thinner bottom layer you get to feel the sensations of penetrating your man with a longer, thicker cock. Say bye-bye to your super stiff extenders and hello to this meaty cock extender.

To use, lube up your cock and the inside of the extender then insert your member inside. Wrap the cock ring around your balls to secure this bad boy in place and take your man to pound town. The stretchy silicone is designed to grip your cock and transfer all the sensations of fucking to both you and your man.

You and your partner will enjoy fucking for hours with this easy to wear extender. You'll be able to last longer, and he’ll feel like this is the best you’ve ever fucked him with this cock extender. After use, clean with soap and water or toy cleaner, then simply pat dry and set aside until you’ve caught your second wind.

  • Adds 2 in. ( 5 cm) in Length
  • Adds 0.5 in. (1.27 cm) in Girth
  • 100% Soft-Touch Silicone
  • Cock Ring to keep it in place
  • Thin Shaft for Enhanced Sensitivity

Enhance your man-meat with the Man Sizer cock extender and take your man for one hell of a ride.

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