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Cocksox Enhancing Pouch Slingshot Jet Black

Cocksox Enhancing Pouch Slingshot Jet Black

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Take the unique pouch from Cocksox underwear, hang it on a length of skimpy binding and get your freak on! The Cocksox Underwear Slingshot is the closest thing to getting around with nothing but a sock on your cockThese are awesome to wear under your every day clothes to the office, the gym - wherever you want to feel way sexy while you're out and about. And, the fine lines of the Cocksox Underwear Slingshot make them ideal as a tanner! Original Pouch Style- The most enhancing and uplifting of the Cocksox pouch designs. Fabric: 92% Supplex(R) 8% Lycra(R) Color: Jet Black

  • Small: Waist - 28-30 inches
  • Medium: Waist - 32-34 inches
  • Large: Waist - 36-38 inches
  • XL: Waist 40-42 inches
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