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Gender X Barrel of Fun

Gender X Barrel of Fun

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Double the Fun: The Ultimate Open-Ended Pleasure Machine! 🔥✨

Ready to experience pleasure from every angle? Meet the ultimate stroker that knows no boundaries! With its double-sided entries and a snug inner channel lined with dozens of soft, stretchy feelers, this toy promises to deliver an unforgettable ride. Designed for ultimate comfort, it boasts a robust barrel-shaped construction and a center-line grip that fits perfectly in your hand—or wherever your imagination takes you! 😉

Why This Stroker Will Rock Your World:

  • Dual-End Delight: Two entries for double the fun, because why settle for less?
  • Textured Bliss: Dozens of nubbed feelers in the channel for mind-blowing sensations.
  • Ergonomic Design: Center-line grip for easy handling and adventurous play.
  • Vibration Heaven: Choose from 12 powerful vibration speeds to find your perfect frequency. 🔥
  • Premium Materials: Made from soft, stretchy TPE rubber and durable ABS plastic.
  • Total Protection: Snap-on covers to keep both ends safe and clean. ✨
  • Illuminated Fun: Blue LED lights in the buttons for a dazzling experience.
  • Perfect Size: Height: 4.14”, Depth: 3.82”, Width: 3.82”. Weight: Over 1 lb (16.4 oz).
  • Waterproof Magic: Fully submersible for wet and wild fun!
  • Safe & Sound: Phthalate and latex-free for worry-free pleasure.
  • Easy Recharge: Magnetic USB cable included for quick power-ups. 🔌
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Comes with a five-year warranty.

Open-Ended Pleasure Awaits

Imagine a world where every touch, every vibration, brings you closer to pure bliss. This dual-end vibrating stroker transforms that fantasy into reality. With its innovative open-ended design, you can explore endless possibilities, whether you're flying solo or adding a new dimension to partner play.

The dozens of nubbed feelers lining the inner channel ensure that every stroke is a new adventure, while the robust barrel shape and center-line grip offer effortless control. And with 12 powerful vibration speeds, you can fine-tune your pleasure to perfection.

No need to worry about messy clean-ups or storage hassles. The snap-on covers protect both ends, and the entire canister is waterproof and submersible for easy cleaning and aquatic fun. Plus, the magnetic rechargeable feature means you’ll never run out of juice at the wrong moment.

Ready to redefine pleasure? This dual-end stroker is your ticket to an electrifying experience, offering versatility, comfort, and powerful sensations all in one sleek package. Get ready to embark on a journey of open-ended ecstasy! 🌊💥

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