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Jelique Massage Candle - 4 oz Fuck Me Vanilla Sugar

Jelique Massage Candle - 4 oz Fuck Me Vanilla Sugar

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Kinky vanilla.

When it comes to sex, kinky is always better whether in small or big doses. Vanilla is only acceptable in candles like these, that fill the room with a pleasant aroma that helps set the mood and make for great foreplay. 

The best part comes at about thirty minutes after lighting the candle: a warm pool of oil will have formed, which you can then use as massage oil! It’s made of body-safe and natural ingredients. You can take that delicious smell and rub it all over your and your friend’s body. 

The warm oil and the smell make for intense sensorial stimulation that one-ups your foreplay. And puts you in the best of moods and ready to go. 

  • Natural ingredients; vegan-friendly
  • Not tested on animals
  • 4 ounces 
  • Reusable

A candle that lends itself to use for warm, vanilla infused massages that guarantee a powerful erection. 

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