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Feeling kinky tonight? Pick up the Kink! package from Adam's Toy Box and experience your wild side. We're sure you have thought up some kinky kink before, so why not immerse yourself completely into that experience by using our carefully curated Kink! fun pack to test out your wildest ideas? It won't hurt, we promise... Well, it might sting... a little!


- 1 bit gag

- 1 nipple toy

- 1 restraint kit

- 1 ball-stretcher


Gagging your partner as a form of sex play is nothing new but this Fetish Fantasy Series Beginner's Bit Gag is. Domination may be your cup of tea or perhaps you would like to be the sub and have your mouth gagged, you can even reverse roles but it is all exciting. Materials used for this novelty product are PVC, vinyl and metal. Control achieved with a simple device that blocks some of their oral abilities - gag ‘em now.


The Master Series Monarch Noir Nipple Vice is a black finish nipple clamp product that comes in pairs. It is a pair of nipple clamps linked together with a chain. Once the nipple clamps are clipped on, they will send an exciting rush of pleasure and pain but this is something any pair of nipple clamps can do. The Monarch Noir Nipple Vice is totally different in that its engineered design redirects pressure applied to the chain directly to the clamps, this allows for a greater pinch and that should bring some solidly painful pleasures to the one wearing the clamps. 


Start yourself on the road to some adventurous domination, submission and sensory deprivation sex games with the Sportsheets Sexperiments Ties That Bind Kit. The kit includes a blindfold and a pair of cuffs. The blindfold blocks all vision and keeps the one wearing it in total darkness while remaining soft and comfortable. The cuffs are lined with soft fabric to protect your wrists even while fully restrained. Take a new road to sexual bliss and try a sexperiment with the Sportsheets Sexperiments Ties That Bind Kit.


 The NEO-STRETCH ball stretcher line from Oxballs keep your balls in their place. The NEO ANGLE is shaped at an angle on one end and that pushes your sack forward. The Angle ball stretcher is made from Pure Platinum Cure Silicone which is stretchy and durable. The inner diameter is slightly under an inch and the edges have been thickened so they do not dig into your ball sack.