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Male Power

Male Power Stretch Net Pouch Thong

Male Power Stretch Net Pouch Thong

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Astound a lover or a sex partner with a wonderful surprise as you pull down your pants or perhaps your sex mate can even discover the surprise for themselves. I am not talking about your dick. Although, that should be impressive as well but what I am talking about is the sexy Male Power Stretch Net Pouch Thong that comes in a black color and is available in 4 sizes S (small), M (medium), L (large) or XL (extra large).

The size mentioned here does not refer to your pecker, it refers to male waistlines between 28 - 34, for the small and medium and 36 - 42 inches, for the large and extra large. Big or small, the room in the pouch is quite sufficient and will provide you ample support. The stretchy net pouch hugs firmly and comfortably while allowing for some awesome air-exchange that keep things cool for your junk. Getting your dick nice and sexy is a cinch with Male Power’s Stretch Net Pouch Thong.

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