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Master Series

Master Series Ass Relax Desensitizing

Master Series Ass Relax Desensitizing

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Ease into the Fun with Master 'Series Ass Relax' 🎉

Guys, it's time to meet your new BFF – the Master Series Ass Relax. Perfect for those who might not be blessed with the resilience of a champion hot dog eater, but still enjoy the thrill of the game! 🌭🎢

Here are the ‘Gettin' Comfy' deets: 😎
  • A generous 4.25 fluid ounces (126 ml) is here to help you become the master of your domain, no matter the size of the challenge! 🏰💦
  • Turn the "ouch" into "ahhh" and transform your playtime into a pleasure-filled carnival ride. 🎠🎡🎈

Welcome to the gentler, funner side of play with the Master Series Ass Relax. No need to flinch when facing down that giant, just slather on some Master Series and prepare for a jolly joyride. 🐎💨

Picture the scene: there's a Moby Dick sized challenge at hand and you're Ahab, feeling more than a little apprehensive. But with a little help from your Master Series Ass Relax, suddenly, you're not just surviving, you're thriving and cruising along like a champion. 🌊🐳🏆

Now, let's face it, gents, there's no pride in being butt hurt. And why should you be, when you can be the captain of your ship, enjoying the ride instead? It's time to seize control and turn the tables. It's time to go from gritted teeth to grinning from ear to ear. 😁💪🌈

So, what's the hold-up? Say goodbye to those pesky inhibitions and hello to a whole new world of pleasure. With the Master Series Ass Relax, you're not just in the game, darling, you're owning it! So, why just get by when you can soar? Let Master Series Ass Relax guide you to new heights! 😎🎉💃🚀

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Canada Canada

faithful to description

lube freezes jyst enough to allow for more than youre used to taking

Bill M.

It don't hurt that much.

It used to hurt a little but now it don't hurt that much. It works but it is weak.