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Nexus Revo Twist Rotating & Vibrating Massager

Nexus Revo Twist Rotating & Vibrating Massager

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Twist into a World of Pleasure with Nexus Revo Twist! 🌟🍑

Introducing the Nexus Revo Twist, an interchangeable rotating and vibrating sex toy that offers four unique ways to play! With a vibrating butt plug on one end and a rotating shaft on the other, this versatile toy is designed for simultaneous anal and perineum stimulation or focused pleasure. Perfect for solo fun or partner play, the Revo Twist brings endless possibilities to your bedroom adventures. 🌈

Product Features:

  • 2 Shaft Rotating Modes – Enjoy smooth, rhythmic rotations for a tantalizing experience. 🎢
  • 6 Plug Vibration Modes – Powerful vibrations to hit all the right spots. 💥
  • 34 Combinations of Pleasure – Mix and match to find your perfect sensation. 🎯
  • 100% Silicone Shaft – Soft, body-safe, and luxurious for a smooth experience. 🌟
  • Rechargeable – Convenient and eco-friendly, always ready when you are. 🔋
  • Splash Proof Toy – Easy to clean and safe for shower play. 🚿
  • Waterproof Remote Control – Control up to 8 metres away, perfect for partner play. 📲
  • One Year Warranty – Confidence in quality and durability. 🛠️


  • Insertable Length (Plug End): N/A
  • Insertable Length (Shaft End): N/A
  • Width of Shaft: N/A

Dive into the Revo Twist Experience 🌠

Imagine the possibilities with the Nexus Revo Twist! Whether you're in the mood for the 6-speed vibrating butt plug or the 2-speed rotating shaft, this toy offers a unique combination of sensations. Simply twist to switch between ends, and let the Revo Twist take you on a journey of simultaneous anal and perineum stimulation. 🌡️✨

The extended handle makes it perfect for partner play, allowing for easy control and maximum enjoyment. With the remote control functionality, you or your partner can adjust the settings up to 8 metres away, adding an element of surprise and excitement. 🎮💫

Crafted from 100% body-safe silicone, the Revo Twist feels incredibly smooth and luxurious. Its splash-proof design makes it easy to clean and safe for shower play, while the waterproof remote ensures hassle-free control in any environment. 🌊💧

With 34 combinations of pleasure, the Nexus Revo Twist offers endless opportunities to explore and discover new heights of satisfaction. Cleanup is simple with soap and water, and the rechargeable design means it's always ready for your next adventure. 🧼💧

So why wait? Twist into a world of pleasure with the Nexus Revo Twist and experience a whole new level of excitement and satisfaction. It's not just a toy; it's your key to unlocking unforgettable pleasure. 🌟🚀

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