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NS Novelties Renegade Body Cleanser

NS Novelties Renegade Body Cleanser

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Personal Hygiene Is Very Important. Before Plowing Your Boy, You Both Need To Observe Absolute Cleanliness And Our NS Novelties Renegade Body Cleanser Will Do The Trick Just Finer.

  • Made of smooth PVC, free of phthalates
  • Smooth perforated nozzle
  • Compatible with both water and silicone based lubricants.

NS Novelties Renegade Body Cleanser has a sleek tip that is naturally positioned into a smooth curve designed to cleanse even the inner areas that are hard to reach. It is user-friendly and boasts an incredible large capacity. It is also created from a complete skin safe phthalate free material.

This cleanser will smoothly slides into your anal and has a smooth perforated nozzle tip that dispenses your preferred fluid (water preferably) evenly with customizable pressure.

The nozzle is attached through twisting onto the threaded bulb. You can fill it with a maximum of 355 ml fluid and once filled, you only need to squeeze the bulb to release. It is also flexible and inserts easily with any water based lubricant.

This is the perfect accessory for personal cleaning and for confidence when your boy is riding you.

After use clean it in warm soapy water and ensure it’s completely dry before storage.

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Christopher M.
United States United States
Good Clean Fun

The item arrived, just as advertised. The bulb holds far more than you'll need for one rinse. I tend to get 2-3 rinses out of each bulb. Which is good as sometimes that is all you need, but if you need more you do not have to worry about constantly filling it up. The nozzle is nice and large, with eight spouts set up in four courses. They provide enough pressure and coverage to expedite the cleaning process. Lowering the number of rinses needed. It comes apart easily, making cleanup easy and quick. Overall I am very satisfied with this product.