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Rouge Leather Flogger w/Wooden Handle

Rouge Leather Flogger w/Wooden Handle

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Whip your naughty boy with the Fantastic Rouge Leather Flogger!

  • Leather flogger for sensational spanking
  • Wooden handle with a wrist loop that offers a perfect grip
  • Perfect for all levels of play

The Rouge Flogger features a wooden handle with a loop, preventing it from slipping during use. It is constructed from high-quality leather, making it durable for endless BDSM play. If you are looking for something kinky to make your fetish play memorable then add the Rouge Leather Flogger into your collection. This flogger is designed in a way that it will deliver its stimulations wherever they are aimed to hit. Your boy will love every time use this toy during play. To make it even more interesting, you can incorporate other fetish accessories such as blindfolds and cuffs.

The handle is strong and sturdy for better control of the intensity of the whip. You can either use this toy for spanking or as a tickle toy but whichever way you decide to use the flogger - you are guaranteed to obtain intensified stimulation. This unique flogger will help you and your boy discover more naughty fun in your sex life. While using this flogger, you are sure to dominate the bedroom.
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