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Shots Ouch Men's Large Buckle Harness

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Buckle up real tight. 

We get it. It’s actually really hard to find accessories like this one that are actually high-quality and can go with many other small accessories. That’s why this is one of our favorite BDSM related products. 

The harness is made of high-quality bonded leather, which feels sturdy and can handle wear-and-tear (and we’re hoping there’s a lot of that!) and it has two stainless steel rings -front and back- so that you can attach all sorts of accessories to them. It is the perfect basic BDSM harness that goes with absolutely everything, making it a must-have for BDSM lovers. 

  • Shoulder straps: 35 - 49 cm
  • Chest straps: 101 - 114 cm 
  • Authentic leather

A bound leather harness that can be used with multiple other BDSM accessories.