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Shots Ouch Nipple Erector Set – Black

Shots Ouch Nipple Erector Set – Black

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Build your way to the biggest best nipples with the Shots Ouch Nipple Erector Set.

Tired of having tiny nipples that don’t get anyone’s attention? It’s time to let everyone see your tits standing at full attention, providing you the best nipple enhancers available. Shots Ouch Nipple Erector Set – Black helps you develop the erect nipples of your dreams.

  • Comes with 2 nipple pumps and 4 pairs of nipple O-rings
  • Pump and suck your way to nipple perfection
  • Creates long lasting nipple sensitivity
  • Made of body safe rubber and plastic
  • Light weight and easy to use

You can choose between two different sized nipple pumps and between 4 different pairs of nipple o-rings—whichever fits and compliments your nipples most. Pump and suck away until your nipples become the flag poles of your chest, filled with sensation and erotic stimulation. Shots Ouch Nipple Erector Set is a great nipple enhancement set to get your nipple rising.

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