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Shots Ouch

Shots Uomo Men's Harness with Metal Bit

Shots Uomo Men's Harness with Metal Bit

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The harness that makes the perfect addition to any BDSM lover's collection

This heavy-duty harness serves fetish realness when worn over clothes, and lets your playmate know what they're in for in the bedroom. The perfect finishing touch to a bondage fuelled night in, or a party night out. Strap yourself into this studded harness to enhance what nature gave you.

The harness features :

  • 2 metal O-rings that are perfect for attaching chains, leads and other BDSM accessories.
  • Totally adjustable at the neck, waist and chest for a perfect fit, this harness moves seamlessly from everyday wear to private parties of the very naked variety.
  • The chests strap is adjustable from 92 cm to 120 cm and the shoulder straps are adjustable from 54 cm to 75 cm.
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