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Sport Fucker Ultra Sound

Sport Fucker Ultra Sound

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Serious stimulation sound.

The Sport Fucker Ultra Sound is the silicone solution for the noobs and experienced sound explorers. The joys of sounding is getting more and more popular and while the use of metal sounds has been the “go to” implement, there is a growing trend for silicone variants. Silicone sounds are flexible while having the same sterilization qualities of metal ones. You also do not need to warm them up to prevent the cold touch of metal.

The design features a tapered head, three cylindrical ridges on the shaft, a curved handle and a ball that stimulates your frenulum glan.

  • 100% medical grade premium silicone
  • Length: 12.7cm. (5 in.)
  • Ball: 1cm. (4 in.)
  • Shaft: 4.35mm.-4.6mm. (.17-.18 in.)
  • Ridges: 5.1mm-5.2mm (.2-.21 in)
  • Tip: 5.2mm. (.21 in)
  • Distance from ball to shaft: 2.3 cm. (.9 in)
  • Grey and Black

Silicone sounds are the future. Get one today.

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