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Ultra Douche

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The California Exotic Novelties Ultra Douche is a sleek and seamless portable douche with an easy squeeze bulb. Slim and easy to plug in at only .75 inches wide, it then bursts with enough force as you apply pressure to the bulb. Deep cleaning is not a problem as well because the 4.25 inches should be deep enough for a good deep clean. It is portable so you can travel with it and keep clean. The Ultra Douche also disassembles so you can keep it clean so you are kept clean too. The douche is 100% Phthalate-free. The bulb is made from PVC and the attachment is PP, both are totally body safe. You can also use it for some naughty solo play and a partner can also join in the fun. A dirty way of getting clean is so much more fun, a shower together can be an erotic water sports fest that can lead to more fun in bed later on.

Product Code SE0372-00 
Color Red
Manufacturer California Exotic Novelties