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To Douche or Not To Douche: That's the Question

To Douche or Not To Douche: That's the Question

Douching is one of those things that are somewhat taboo, even though it is intrinsically related to gay sex, more specifically, to anal sex. So, we're here to talk about why practice douching regularly or not do it at all.

Douching is such a taboo because many people are not really familiar with that practice. Especially people who are new to anal sex: if no one tells you you should clean yourself inside and out, how are you supposed to know that? Only if you do it and you have a nasty accident, you'll come to an understanding that sometimes it is that or cleaning yourself up by douching.

The other thing is that douching can be the less sexy part of sex (unless you're into that like some other men). It requires you to strip (preferably in your bathroom), insert something up your butt, splash water into your guts, and then wait for it to come out clean. It can be uncomfortable and even painful, but it needs to be done for most people for sex to be pleasurable. It represents many advantages for people who practice it and their partners, and here we'll tell you why.

 8 Reasons to Practice Douching

8 Reasons to Practice Douching

There's not one but many reasons why most people prefer to douche or like their partners to do it: Here's a list of 8 advantages you'll get by douching.

  1. It's less messy: Cleaning your insides prevents "mood-killing accidents" that might turn your hookup into something you'll never forget, and not in a good way. 
  2. You can move from anal to oral: Rimming is a delight; whether you perform it or receive it, it is a glorious experience. Also, it is sucking dick. Now, if you're completely clean in there, you can suck your man's dick after he put it in your ass. He can eat you up after it as well, without having to worry about ingesting bacteria or something worse.
  3. It helps you relax: Worrying less about making a mess enables you to deal with the anxiety and reduce insecurities. Making a mess in bed unlocks a new kind of insecurity. You won't be paranoid about it and enjoy sex even more by douching; you'll be and feel clean. Relaxing means loosening up your butt, and that means more pleasurable sex.
  4. It prevents bad smells: Let's face it, your ass's main function is sadly not sex, and that primary function produces terrible smells. Even if the residuals inside are not enough to create a significant accident, there's still a chance to turn your heavenly experience into a smelly situation.
  5. Enables you to have sex longer: Even if you have a perfect vowel movement and you think you don't need to douche if you eat, your body makes poop; that's a fact. By douching, you prevent your body from having poop on the way, so you can keep going and going for a longer time with no worries.
  6. It helps stand up to expectations: Let's face it, most tops prefer it when their partner douche, which comes to a level where it's expected for them to be squeaky clean on the inside. If you douche, you have nothing to worry about in this aspect.
  7. It makes fisting easier: If you're into fisting (or into having monster cocks up your butt), douching will do more than preventing displeasing accidents that might ruin the fun. It'll also keep foreign material away, preventing tearing or internal cuts.
  8. It's generally healthier: Hygiene means health, so douching is a way to keep bacteria away from you and your partner. At the same time, it also prevents infections related to fecal matter.

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 5 Reasons Not to Practice Douching

5 Reasons Not to Practice Douching

Every story has two sides, and now we'll play the devil's advocate making a list of reasons why you shouldn't douche:

  1. It's unpleasant: Douching can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if you're new to it and don't know how to do it properly. It takes forever; the bulb can feel weird, the water inside you can make you feel bloated. It can leave you feeling so uncomfortable or hurt that it ends up killing the sexy mood for you.
  2. It's too messy: Yes, we said douching prevents mess before, but also doing it can cause some other kind of a mess. For starters, when you're doing it, your bathroom (toilet or shower) can end up really dirty. Then, after you're done, there's a chance you might not be done at all; you can leak inside your pants, or worse, in bed, while you're at it with your man.
  3. Going natural can be better: Many men consider douching pointless when you have a healthy, fat-free diet that helps you have a good bowel movement. It's not natural to have water splashed into your rectum; it can be better to go for a more realistic practice that helps sex be more authentic and spontaneous.
  4. Fiber supplements are a better option: If you don't trust your diet, or you don't have a naturally good bowel movement, and you want a little help, fiber supplements can be the option for you, as they can make your rectum cleanse by itself.
  5. It's unnecessary: Many men consider douching a pointless practice as there are other ways to prevent "smelly accidents" that are less invasive to your body. Besides, poop can be expected during anal sex, and that's completely normal. So, if you're not having sex within the next hours, you should simply avoid douching.

 Should I Douche or not

Should I Douche or not?

Our take is: do what feels more comfortable to you. Maybe douching will take some worries out of your head (and out of your butt), even if it's so unpleasant. Still, maybe douching is too much of a hassle to you, and you'd prefer to take a more natural practice or simply pray to the gods of gay sex of your partner's dick to come out clean. 

The porn industry has left us with many unreal expectations about sex, from the most enormous penises out there to the longest banging sessions. One of those expectations is that the bottom's bumhole is always squeaky clean (even when the porn plot suggests he was not prepared to be penetrated... as if). So, get those ideas out of your mind; it's normal for an accident to happen, don't be too hard on yourself or your partner if it does.

In the end, everyone has to be the only one to decide over one's body. If you're a bottom and you want to douche or prefer to avoid it at all, it's your choice and yours only so no one can force you to do things you're not comfortable with. Still, it's best to discuss with your partner what he prefers so you both can get to an agreement.

How should you douche
How should you douche

Douching is no rocket science, but it might be kind of unnerving or intimidating if you're new to it. The procedure is pretty simple, so we won't go too deep into it here. We'll list some do's and don'ts so you make this experience safer and less unpleasant.

  • Do use a bulb enema or shower head/hose. Other options are fleet enemas, enema bags, or water bottles.
  • Don't use makeshift or homemade enemas that are not designed to enter your bumhole and can hurt you.
  • Do use water and nothing else. You can use a saline mix or add a little salt to the water.
  • Don't use soap, rubbing alcohol, or any other substance in the water for douching.
  • Do go gently; you're dealing with a susceptible area that might end up harm if you're too harsh.
  • Don't rush it; if you won't take your time to get it right, it's better if you don't do it at all.
  • Do wait until you're sure your body has expelled all the water and it's clean.
  • Don't put the enema bulb too far up.
  • Do lube up your butt and the stem of your enema bulb or tube before you stick it in. 
  • Don't use hot water in your douche; lukewarm or body-temperature water is much better.
  • Do double or triple check to prevent surprises.
  • Don't spray too much water using a shower douche. Keep water pressure on "low" and check how much water is going in.
  • Do be mindful of what you eat hours before sex.
  • Don't overdo it. If you've sprayed your guts four times and the water's still not clean, it's better if you take a break or just let it go.
  • Do practice. You won't be a douching expert the first time; you need to listen to your body and learn what feels more comfortable.
  • Don't douche too often or too much.
  • Do take a shower after you're done and pamper yourself; you're a champion!
  • Don't get too much into your head if something happens anyway.

Is douching for you?

If you're new to douching, there's a great chance you might be wondering if you need or even want to incorporate this practice into your sex life. The answer to those questions is inside of you. Practice it, know your body, and understand how douching feels and what it does for you, considering both good and bad. In the end, you're the only one who can decide if douching is for you.

To Douche or Not To Douche

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